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What Is Limestone?

Learning About Limestone

Limestone is a natural stone that forms in the warm, shallow, marine waters. It is made up of 50% calcium carbonate and is a type of rock that can be used in a number of different ways. While it makes beautiful flooring and countertops, among other things, it is also used in making cement, building roads, and in a variety of other applications.

Limestone Advantages

As is true with many materials, there are advantages in using limestone. The advantages with this natural stone, however, are plentiful:


Compared to many different building materials, limestone is highly dependable. It gets the credit for some buildings standing for thousands of years with no end in sight to their demise. It has been used throughout history as a strong building material as well as a surfacing material. Check out the Great Pyramids in Egypt and you will see why limestone is dependable. It has worked well for Romans, Greeks, and others in history as well.


While limestone is durable, it can also be crushed and used to create other materials used in construction. It can be shaped in unique ways and carved to add decoration in a home. It can even be fed to livestock to bolster their health.


Limestone is plentiful so it isn’t as expensive as other natural stones. Since it lasts for so long, it doesn’t have to be replaced very often, either, which can lower its cost over time and save money in the long run.


Limestone is a natural material that occurs within nature and it is plentiful. Using it to build and for a variety of other things is environmentally conscious and friendly. No one is stripping the earth from a material that is dwindling away. This material is still occurring naturally and there is no end in sight to that effect.

Elegance And Beauty

There’s no doubt about it…limestone has a natural beauty and elegance to it. It is why is it used in so many different locations today. While it can be used in statues and fountains, it also makes a great floor or countertop and beyond. The beauty in the stone brings a soft, natural appearance to any room or even outdoor living spaces. The elegance is beyond what other materials can bring and its affordability allows homeowners to get the best of both worlds.

Finding The Right Limestone Options

If you are thinking about adding limestone to your home because of one or more of its many benefits, you won’t likely be disappointed with the outcome of the project. However, you now have to figure out just where to add it and how. For options that might suit your needs, contact the experts at Impression. We work with limestone on a daily basis and after we hear about your home, we can offer professional recommendations based on what might suit your lifestyle and needs in the best possible manner. Limestone is going to look great and serve you well no matter where you place it.

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