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What Are the Benefits of Using Limestone in Your Home?

How Using Limestone in Your Home Can Be Beneficial

Limestone is a natural stone made underground through natural processes, later dug up in large quarries for us to transform. There are plenty of phenomenal reasons to choose limestone for your home renovation projects. For many people, the visual aesthetic is enough – which makes sense given limestone’s incredibly beautiful appearance. However, limestone also offers many other benefits, many of which are more practical and add value to your home. 

Temperature Control

Like most natural stones, limestone acts as an effective insulator. It can help keep the temperature of your home’s interior constant. This reduces the cost of heating and cooling your house, and alleviates the headache of constantly changing the temperature on your thermostat.

Higher Resale Value

Adding any natural stone to your home can greatly increase its value, and limestone is no exception. Limestone is beautiful, and tends to appease everyone no matter their interior design preferences. Potential homebuyers will understand that this stone lasts a lifetime and won’t likely require repair or replacement, making your home more likely to sell.

Privacy Creation

In the form of privacy walls and feature walls, you’ll get many benefits out of limestone! Using limestone for a privacy wall can be beautiful, and offers an appeal to your property. Higher walls can provide shade and shelter from various weather conditions, especially wind. It creates a better outdoor environment for you and your family to enjoy, and also shelters your plants and garden from excessive sun and other elements.

Naturally Resistant

As a natural stone, limestone is a good building material and tends to be resistant to many of the factors that would typically cause damage to artificial materials. For one, limestone is termite-resistant, so exterior walls and garden features built with limestone offer protection from critters that might otherwise require an exterminator. It’s also highly resistant to decay, bacteria, and mold! In arid climates especially, limestone is very resistant to weathering and erosion, and it holds up in less arid climates assuming the rain is not acidic. Limestone is also heat resistant, and can make for the perfect fireplace, kitchen hood, or kitchen and bathroom countertop material. Limestone is good around water as well, which adds to its versatility with respect to being used both indoors and outdoors.

Durable & Long-Lasting

Limestone is one of few natural stone materials that can easily last a lifetime. Don’t believe us? Just ask all of the historic limestone architecture found in Europe! Limestone is formed through deep, natural pressures that take place underground. Because of this incredibly rigorous creation process, limestone can withstand tons of pressure – and therefore a lot of wear-and-tear. Moreover, limestone takes centuries to form, which means it can last quite a long time. Compared to numerous other artificial materials, limestone comes out on top every time. This is especially true for limestone flooring, which is far more convenient and long-lasting than, say, carpet or vinyl.

Elevate Your Home With Impression’s Limestone

Impression has been creating intricate custom home features from limestone for generations, and we’re proud to have contributed to the dream homes of many. Our team has experienced artisans that use state-of-the-art cutting technology, the best tools available on the market, and French hand-carving techniques to craft an unforgettable natural stone feature. Contact us today to get started on adding limestone, and all of its incredible benefits, to your home!

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