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What Are Affordable Ways to Increase Your Home’s Value?

Affordable Ways to Increase Your Home’s Value

There are many ways to increase the value of your home. Some homeowners are hoping to just improve their homes, and others looking for increased value because they’ll soon be listing their house for sale. While many believe that increasing the value of your home is an expensive endeavor, it can actually be very affordable to improve certain aspects and ultimately make your house a more sound investment.

Update the Paint

The most affordable way to improve your home is to give it a fresh coat of paint, both indoors or outdoors! A new coat of paint can totally transform a room, and you may not even realize that your walls are looking drab and chipped.

Upgrade Fixtures

You may not realize it, but the handles you use on your doors and cabinetry can make a huge difference. If your fixture pieces are looking rusted or worn, upgrade them for new ones, whether your style lends itself towards shiny gold or matte black. For a bolder option, swap them out for more interesting fixtures like those in a unique color.

Elevate Appliances

Old appliances can drastically affect the appearance of your home. This of course applies most to the kitchen, but can also impact things like laundry rooms and mudrooms. Upgrade your appliances and you’ll find that they add to the worth of your home greatly. Especially if you’re thinking about selling, appliances are a great way to capture homebuyers, as it saves them from the hassle of replacing appliances themselves.

Give Your Kitchen Minor Improvements

Remodeling a whole kitchen can be a very expensive endeavor, hence the hesitancy of so many homeowners to embark on one. However, there are many aspects of kitchen remodels that are a little less costly. One example is to redo your kitchen backsplash with natural stone tiling, using a material like limestone or granite. You can also replace just your kitchen hood, instead opting for a natural stone one that brings a handcrafted, artisan touch. Redoing your island, countertops, or flooring are all options too — just don’t feel like you have to do them all at once!

Rescape Your Landscape

The exterior of a home is one that is often overlooked by homeowners, despite it being the first impression guests will have! There are many ways to redo your landscaping and outdoor spaces for the better, near always increasing the value of your home without spending as much. Using natural stone for home features like exterior walls for gardens is one great example, or getting limestone pavers for your driveway and walkway.

Redo Your Entryway

After your landscaping, your entryway is the next most important aspect of your home when making a first impression. Entryways can be improved in many ways, and one of Impression’s favorites is by adding a natural stone door surround or even a stone accent wall. You can also re-tile the floors of your entryway with natural stone, like granite or limestone.

Increase the Value of Your Home With Impression

The team at Impression works every single day to improve homes through custom natural stone features, including ones that increase the value of your home. If you’re looking to create your dream house or getting ready to put yours on the market, get in touch with Impression today! As the leading provider of limestone and granite in the area, we know just what it takes to create a home that really makes an impression. Contact our group of skilled artisans now, or peruse our online portfolio to see our past work!

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