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Using Marble To Renovate Your Bathroom

Marble Options In The Bathroom

If you want to make some changes in your bathroom, there are plenty of options on the market. Marble is a material that can be used in a number of different areas in the home, and makes for a great choice in the bathroom. This durable, versatile material is long lasting and does not hold onto moisture, so it won’t grow mold in the bathroom and offers homeowners plenty of options. You need certain materials in the bathroom in order to expect them to hold up against the heat and moisture. Marble is the perfect fit for the following spots.

Wall Tiling

There’s nothing more beautiful than tiled walls around the tub, shower, or in other areas of the bathroom. Marble is a beautiful material that comes in a number of different colors. Since it isn’t a porous material, it’s a great fit to surround a shower. It won’t hold onto moisture and condensation and is easy enough to clean. It comes in popular bathroom colors like shades of white and cream as well as tan and dark-flecked shades. Many homeowners like to contrast their marble colors with other colors in the bathroom to add visual interest.

Floor Tiles

Just as marble works well on the walls around the shower, it also makes good flooring material in the bathroom. Marble can get went without issues and it doesn’t wear down very quickly under heavy use. It won’t stain, either, even if water pools up on it and is left to dry. Marble can come in a large slab and cover the whole floor or be made into smaller tiles. Since each tile is unique when it comes to marble, it can make a huge difference in the look and feel of the flooring.

Bathtub Veneer

Instead of tiling around the bathtub, you can also use marble as a seamless vertical slab around the bathtub or shower. There won’t be any grouting or future repairs when it comes to tiles. Instead, the sleek, modern look is all one piece and makes for a natural, beautiful, uninterrupted aesthetic.


Bathroom countertops are not nearly as large as those in the kitchen, but depending on the size of the bathroom, they can still take up quite a bit of space. Marble countertops are a great option because they quickly draw the eye and add visual interest and beauty to the room. Choosing the right marble for the countertop is important since it is often the center of the room. It comes in slabs and won’t have to be broken up in order to fit the space. Many homeowners like marble with plenty of grain for the countertop to make it look more intriguing. Or, you can have a custom marble sink designed for the space to make the area stand out even more.

All Of The Above

While it’s fine to choose one of the above items for your bathroom, you can also incorporate several or all of the ideas into the space. Marble is a material that raises the value of the room. It is a true investment. Since it lasts for decades, it’s not something you have to worry about replacing any time soon. And it’s a great material for the functionality of the bathroom, not to mention its beautiful aesthetics.