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Using Limestone Stacks In The House

Where Should You Place Limestone Stacks?

Limestone is a beautiful, natural stone that makes a great aesthetic when places in stacks. When you think of limestone stacked up like bricks, you might think of retaining walls outside or garden surrounds and beds. While limestone works well outside because it can hold up well against the natural elements, it also brings a certain level of elegance into the home when it comes into the interior. Here are a few places to consider limestone stacking to make the most of your home’s interior design.

A Kitchen Wall

Everyone loves a bright kitchen and stacking limestone up on the way can give the space a whole new aesthetic. The natural stone adds character to a room, but since it contains neutral coloring, it doesn’t overpower other colors or elements you might have in play. The accent gives the room a focal point and looks more like artwork than a regular wall. If you have one big, blank wall in the kitchen, consider limestone stacking.

The Kitchen Backsplash

The backsplash is meant to be more decorative and a way to bring a new element of style into the space. You can go with a white limestone, or you can get something with varied colors to bring a different nature into the space. There are many different shades of limestone and stacking the stones one against the other gives your kitchen a textured look.

Above The Tub

If you have a bathtub in your master bathroom, it should be a tranquil space and the soothing effect of natural stone fits right in. Placing limestone stacks on the wall or walls around the bathtub can give you a little bathing nook that feels more like a luxury spa. You could also place the stones on the tub’s front wall so it completes the look and enters the bathroom more fully.

In The Living Room

If you want your living room to express your style with accent walls, consider using limestone on those walls. The sophisticated feel stands out and gives you a statement piece without even really trying. You want the living room to exude comfort and warmth since you spend a lot of time there and with the limestone stacked up on one or more walls, it will.

Up The Staircase

The wall that follows the staircase up to the second level can be blank and boring, but if you use limestone stacks to decorate the wall, it adds a sudden intrigue and mystery. If the staircase shows from the entryway, this is a great way to make a statement to anyone who comes to visit right after they walk into the home.

Finding The Right Limestone To Stack

Limestone as a lot of natural coloring options so any homeowner can find something to fit their needs. Whether you know what limestone you want or are just in the beginning stages of the planning process, contact Impression to get help with installation and the other details that need to be lined up.

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