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How to Update a Stone Fireplace

How to Update a Stone Fireplace in Your Home

Having a fireplace is already a huge addition to any home, and the aesthetics of a fireplace are naturally stunning. However, fireplaces have been popular for quite some time. This means that fireplace fashion has evolved alongside interior design, and if on the older side, your once-beautiful fireplace is becoming more of an eyesore as trends change. Even timeless designs will wear over the years, and it’s possible your fireplace just needs an upgrade. Today, we’ll look at why homeowners seek fireplace upgrades and some ways you can give yours a refresh.

Reasons for Updating

Homeowners will find that fireplaces have more reasons for being updated than they first appear to. One reason to update your fireplace is in order to improve home value. A recently refurbished fireplace, especially one with a modern design, is likely to be more highly sought after than an older one. Another reason for updating stone fireplaces is to elevate a living space. Older fireplaces can have some charm, but may eventually take away from the overall aesthetic. Similarly, homeowners may choose to update in order to have a fireplace that matches new decor, which could include a new paint color or a new design aesthetic. When fireplaces are older, homeowners will upgrade them to fix imperfections and replace any of the less-fashionable home features. Lastly, homeowners may be making room for a new family member! In situations like these, they may choose to upgrade by adding safety features, creating a larger hearth, or switching to gas instead of wood-burning.

Ways You Can Upgrade Your Stone Fireplace

Ready to upgrade your stone fireplace? Here are some ways you can.

Paint the Brick or Stone

The easiest way to upgrade your fireplace is to paint the brick or stone. Be warned that doing so is usually a permanent feature, and restoring the natural stone will likely be impossible. Common paint styles include whitewashing, limewashing, gray-washing, and using milk paint.

Replace Your Mantel

Another method of upgrading is to replace the mantel. A mantel is the piece above a fireplace, often used as a small shelf. Mantels come in a few materials, but stone and wood are most commonly used. Modern-day fireplaces have turned to more artistic mantel styles, and keeping up with the interior design trends could improve your home’s value and appearance.


Retile the Base

The hearth of your fireplace may be stone or tile; if so, retiling is a great method for upgrading it. This is a great option if you’re not committed to redoing the whole fireplace, like the overmantel; simply consider replacing just the surround, base, or hearth. These extensions around the fireplace offer additional seating and also protection for pets and children.

Resurface the Fireplace

If your current fireplace style is especially undesirable, it may be time to resurface it. Resurfacing involves choosing a new material to go over the current one. You can replace your current surface material with stone if you don’t have it already, or go the opposite direction by adding brick, wood, and more.

Go for Gas

Modern homes often opt for gas fireplaces over wood-burning fireplaces, and it’s a great upgrade to make. Gas is cleaner and safer when lit, as you don’t need to manually light anything yourself. Gas fireplaces are especially good for homes with pets or children because no actively burning materials are present.

Update by Completely Redoing Your Stone Fireplace

One last way to upgrade your fireplace: completely redo it with new stone! At Impression, we help homeowners just like you turn houses into dream homes through the installation of custom home features made of limestone, marble, and reclaimed terracotta. Contact our team of expert artisans today to see how we can revamp your stone fireplace!

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