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Unique Uses For Marble In The Bathroom

Placing Marble In The Bathroom

If you are renovating your bathroom, choosing the materials to place in the space can make a huge difference in the overall outcome. Many homeowners love the look and feel of marble. It brings elegance and beauty to any room it graces. However, that doesn’t mean you have to use it in the normal locations. Placing marble in the bathroom in more unexpected ways can bring even more to the space. Here are a few ideas to consider.

Mixed Marble Colors

Marble pops in any location, but when you use two or more colors of marble in one room, you have a truly unique look. Anyone can use marble on the floors, but if you also place it in a contrasting color on the countertop, it embellishes the room and makes even more of a statement. The more marble you have in your home, the more value the room has and it will feel even more elegant at the same time.

Utilize Tile Size Changes

Marble tiles are often uniform. You choose a size and you stick with it. In your bathroom, if you want your marble to stand out, you might play with the size and possible even the shapes of the tiles to make the room even more special. Place large tiles on the shower walls and then small tiles on the flooring to give an interesting, bold look. Using the same size works fine, but the change mixes things up in an otherwise uniform bathroom.

Contribute With Patterns

Marble tiles are generally very uniform and slabs don’t have any pattern at all. If you want to do something truly unique, include a pattern into the flooring with unique tile shapes. You can make the floor look like two pieces slanted together or anything else you want. The patterns and changes make the room stand out even further and highlight the marble even more.

Consider A Backsplash

While backsplashes are common in the kitchen, they aren’t something you see every day in the bathroom. When you add a backsplash, use marble that will bring the room together. Get a natural tone that highlights the room and contrasts slightly with the other colors. If you have one color on the floor and another on the countertops, use the backsplash to incorporate both and bring the entire room together in an intriguing way.

Get More Marble Ideas For Your Bathroom

If you’re redoing your bathroom, you may already know you want to include marble, but you might not be sure exactly how. Contact the professionals at Impression for more ideas that include marble. There are plenty of options to consider and together, we can even come up with something completely unique that hasn’t been done before. Marble itself is a unique material and no two pieces are identical. Placing, even just on the flooring, in a normal manner will make your bathroom stand out and look different than any other space in the house. With experts on your side, the bathroom can be just what you want and more.