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Limestone Interior Design Features

Unique Limestone Interior Design Features

When it comes to giving your home a unique sense of character, various aspects of the design can go a long way towards adding value and showing off your taste. While the majority of your home’s design is going to be well structured and uniform, you should consider having a few standout custom home features in different rooms or around your home’s exterior. These home features can help add a breath of fresh air to your or anyone else who comes across their path throughout the day. The type of building material you use to craft these features also plays a big part in their overall design.

Using Limestone To Create Custom Home Features

As a building material, limestone has been used by designers and civilizations throughout history. It’s durability in a variety of weather conditions makes it ideal for structural integrity. For smaller, more intricate designs, limestone is also a popular choice because nearly any shape can be fashioned from larger slabs. In modern home design, there are a number of custom features you can add to your home using limestone as the foundation material.

Elevate Your Foyer

When people walk through your front door, you can wow them right away by having an impressive set of limestone stairs. Natural stone staircases are not only visually stunning, but you can expect long lasting durability for years to come, with little need for maintenance. Whatever kind of staircase you need to create, whether it’s straight, quarter-turn, or curved, limestone can can be handcrafted to give your foyer the aesthetic boost it’s been looking for.

Display Unique Floor and Tile Designs

Part of limestone’s widespread use around the world is that it comes in a variety of shades and colors. If you want to have the flooring of certain rooms be crafted from limestone (typical in entryways, bathrooms, and outdoor patios), the tiles can be designed to your exact specifications. The flooring (or wall) tiles can be square or curved depending on the look of the room that you’re going for.

Ideas For Landscaping

If you put a lot of time and effort into landscaping, it should always be displayed in a grandiose way. To help surround different plant sections, or separate your lawn from gardening areas, you can have limestone walls installed. These walls will provide a clear aesthetic break in your yard, highlighting different aspects of the landscape.

Limestone crafted fountains are also a great way to exenuate design of your yard, since they can act as a focal point for part of the home’s exterior. Fountains provide a very quaint and elegant addition that gives you a peaceful spot to enjoy the day away from the noise of the rest of the world.

Find The Right Limestone Feature For Your Home

Since now two homes are the same, the best limestone feature for someone else’s might not be suited for yours. The beauty of limestone is that it can be reworked to match a variety of designs, meaning you don’t need to feel limited in your vision. Always reach out to an experienced limestone company who can provide you with different options.

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