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Type of Limestone used for Kitchen Counter

Types of Limestone for Your Home

Why Choosing a Limestone Company is Great for Your Home

You’ve probably seen the beautiful limestone on other people’s homes, and reflected on how lovely it would look on your home. Maybe after mulling it over, thinking about colors, time to construct and install, and talking about it a couple of times with your spouse, you’ve decided that limestone is the change that you want to make to your home. Adding limestone to your home increases the value of your home, but also makes the sentimental value of your home go up. Your home is uniquely yours when you add your own personal touches, making your space a place that serves your specific needs. Limestone is a wonderfully useful stone with so many applications for the home, it is a wonder that more people do not invest in this material.


Generally low-maintenance, limestone is completely flame-retardant, making it both beautiful and practical to be added to fireplaces and in kitchens as kitchen hoods. Kitchen hoods direct smoke away from stoves and ranges, and are an opportunity for you to dress up your kitchen area.


Class and function come together when you choose limestone for your floor or countertop. Limestone has been used to build and decorated domiciles and public use building for centuries, and its popularity has hardly waned. Making limestone an even better and more accessible choice is the variety of limestone companies that are there to assist you with the delicate task of matching limestone to your home, and helping you decide where it should go.

Variety of Uses

As many uses as both limestone and its cousin, marble, have, it’s impossible to say that it is good for the home exclusively. Limestone has a variety of practical agricultural uses, and a couple of household and home improvement uses that can help you live a more convenient life.

Border for Plants

Whether or not you’ve chosen limestone for your patio, using limestone to create borders between greens in your garden should be a definite, ‘yes.’ Limestone can be arranged in mesmerizing geometric patterns that can be the focal point of your backyard garden, or even support succulent plants if you have a desert garden in the southwest. Don’t hesitate to pile up those bright white pebbles in your limestone circles, but make a statement with flowering cacti.

Fertilizer for Lawns

Surprising though it may be, limestone can be processed, and made into fertilizer. Limestone fertilizer can thicken grass, and give it the enviable rich, green color that you see on TV. Limestone is able to do this because it has some antiseptic abilities, which can kill harmful bacteria, while allowing good bacteria to thrive on your lawn.

Deodorizer for Kitty Litter

Investing in a litter that contains limestone, or adding ground limestone to your kitty litter if you can’t find any to buy will help you and your cat. Ammonia in cat’s urine can cause the litter to stink, and can cause irritation in the sinuses of your cat. Limestone traps those fumes, and makes your home that much healthier for both of you.