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What Type Of Person Should Consider Marble For Their Home?

Marble And Personality Types

You want your home to fit your lifestyle and personality so anytime you are considering upgrades and changes, you want to choose the right materials. Whether you are thinking about new floors, kitchen countertops, or custom items, marble may come to your mind as an option. Marble works well for a variety of different people in many situations. Here are a few types of people who will want to consider marble. You should consider marble if…

You Love Beauty

Most people appreciate beautiful elements in a home. If you want something that will really make your house stand out and shine, you should really consider marble. Marble brings an elegant appearance to any room and can act as a focal point of the room. Or, if you prefer, it can blend in with your current style. There are plenty of options of marble, but they’re all beautiful.

You Want Something Unique

You don’t want the same flooring or countertop as your next door neighbor? You won’t get it! Even if they have marble too! If you choose the same carpeting as someone else, it’s the same. But when you choose marble, every single piece is different and unique. You’ll never have the same thing as anyone else. That will make your house special and unique in the area where you decide to place the marble.

You Want High-End

If you want nothing but the best materials for your home, marble is the way to go. It looks and feels high-end ,wherever you place it. In fact, it’s a high-end material in resale value as well. If you sell your house, no matter where you place the marble, it will raise the overall value of your home.

You Want Long Lasting

Marble is nothing if not long-lasting! Just look at the many buildings across the world that incorporated marble into their structure. They’re still standing and look great. When you put marble on your floors, your walls, or anywhere else, you can expect it to last. It’s not a short-term project you’ll want to renovate again, any time soon!

You Want Functionality

While beauty is great and it’s nice to have something unique and long-lasting, in the end, you want something that will function well. It’s a pain to get material that takes a lot of upkeep or something that gets damaged easily and has to be fixed. Marble is none of those things. It takes very little upkeep and it is actually quite hard to damage.

Impression Helps All Personalities

If you’ve seen yourself in any (or all!) of the above personality types, marble may be the right fit for you. In order to know for sure, contact the professionals at Impression and take a look at some sample marble creations from the past. We can put in marble floors, fireplaces, countertops, custom creations, and anything between. We’re here to help you realize your marble-related dreams!