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Turn Your Custom Fireplace Into Something You Will Love

Stylish Custom Fireplace Ideas

On holidays, cool winter nights, brisk summer evenings, rainy days or everything in between, the fireplace is the center and focal point of the living room. Whether you have a fire going in the fireplace or not, the fireplace brings everyone closer together by making the room a welcoming and cozy environment to gather in. You can foster a warm environment in your home that everyone will remember by creating a custom fireplace to fit your living space. Take a look at some of these custom fireplace ideas and decide what might work best for your preferences and lifestyle.

The Double-Sided Fireplace

One of the hottest (no pun intended) fireplace trends right now is the double-sided fireplace. If you have a living room on one side and a dining room or kitchen on the other, the fireplace can serve both rooms at once and offer that cozy feeling you are seeking to two different spaces within your home. The double-sided fireplace is already a modern idea and if you decorate it with modern colors, like a contrasting black and white marble or neutral tones of limestone, you can continue to play off this modern look as well. A modern, yet simple look is extremely popular in homes today.

Simple Bricks

Fireplaces are often made from brick, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun with a brick fireplace. Instead of regular bricks, many homeowners are opting for limestone bricks to give the surround a natural look and feel. The limestones are stacked up on top of one another and look almost like a wall outside to give your home the natural elements that limestone brings to the space.

Marble Tile Focal Point

Any time you incorporate the beauty of marble, your fireplace can quickly become the focal point of the room. Marble tiles are being utilized as fireplace surrounds to create a beautiful custom fireplace that makes a statement. No two marble slabs are alike, so even if you get the same color of marble as someone else, your fireplace will still be completely unique. You can get something neutral to blend in with the room, or a colorful piece of marble that will stand out as a pop of color. Either way, with marble, you can easily bring a unique elegance to your living space.

Ornate Designs

While streamlined fireplaces with straight, smooth lines are very popular, if you have an older home of a certain, specific architectural style, a fireplace design with carvings and ornate curves might fit your space better. Limestone is an easy-to-carve, natural stone that can be shaped in any design that fits your preferences and style.

Your Custom Fireplace Ideas

The idea behind a custom fireplace is that they are just that—customized to suit your needs and wants. Work with the professionals at Impression to bring your fireplace ideas to life. Together we can create something special. Your fireplace will be everything you need it to be within your space. Whether you want limestone, marble, simple, modern, ornate, or something in between, custom fireplaces can easily add warmth and value to your home.

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