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The History of Reclaimed Terracotta

Understanding the History of Reclaimed Terracotta

If you use something that is ‘reclaimed,’ that means it has been used before. It is not being used again, perhaps for a different purpose, but it is still in good condition and may as well be utilized in a new way. If you are considering reclaimed terracotta because you like the vibrant beauty and longevity, it is interesting to know that they have a unique history behind them. While you may not be able to find out exactly where your tiles came from, here are a few places that could give you a sense of history and the elegance that comes with these tiles.

Old Chateaus

This kind of tiling was made in Europe and is very durable. It was used in chateaus all over Europe, some of which were torn down and others of which might just have been renovated. The durable tiles have an authentic color that stood out in the design of a chateau. Once the tiles are removed, they can be reused in your home for flooring, bathroom tiles, or anything else to get that history and color in your home.


Since reclaimed terracotta was made out of colorful clay and baked, it was popular in farmhouses throughout Europe as well. The texture was authentic and unique, but it was more often used in farmhouses because of its practical nature. It lasted a long time and wore well. These farmhouses also may have been torn down or redone, causing the terracotta tiles to find new homes elsewhere. 

European Patios

Outdoor living spaces are very popular across America today, but in Europe, outdoor living is the norm during certain times of the year. Many people have patios where they entertain guests or walkways that go up to and around their homes and gardens. Reclaimed terracotta makes the perfect patio because it is durable both inside and out. It gives the exterior a little extra color and allows the natural look to still be present. Once these patios are redone or pulled out entirely, the terracotta can make its way into homes in other countries.

Feeling Good About Terracotta

Reclaimed terracotta is an Italian phrase that means ‘baked earth.’ It’s a clay-based ceramic that is fired into its current status. When you choose reclaimed terracotta for your home, you are using something that has been used well before. It doesn’t show, however, since the material is still fresh-looking, beautiful, and ready to serve your home in a new way. You don’t have to have a manufacturer create anything new since you are using terracotta from historic sites across Europe. You have a sense of history within your home that you wouldn’t have otherwise.

Incorporating Reclaimed Terracotta

If you are ready for a new floor, inside or out, or you want to use reclaimed terracotta in other locations, utilize the expertise of the professionals at Impression. We can help you find the right location and the right use for this beautiful, unique material with an impressive history already behind it.

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