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The Different Types of Marble

Different Types of Marble

Marble is one of nature’s most precious gifts. Both beautiful and functional, this metamorphic rock has graced architecture, artwork, furniture, and decor. Marble actually starts out as a sedimentary rock known as limestone. When limestone endures intense heat and pressure, it transforms into marble. Composed mainly of calcite, marble is white in its purest form. But when it comes in contact with other minerals and impurities, its color and pattern changes. Because of this, we have access to a bounty of unique marble varieties. With so many different types of marble out there, you’re sure to find the best option for your project. 

White Marble

Pure, simple, and classic, white is likely what comes to mind when you think of marble.

Carrara Marble

Also called bianco carrara, carrara marble features thin, feathery veins against a smooth white backdrop. This variety is primarily used in kitchen backsplashes, fireplaces, and bathroom walls. 

Calcutta Marble

Discovered near Carrara, Italy, calcutta is one of the most popular types of marble. Its cracked patterns and gray veining offer an iconic marble look.

Mystery White Marble

Mystery white marble features a pure, creamy white coloring with light, subtle veining. Because the inclusions are faint, it will add a bright, brilliant vibe to your space.

Statuario Marble

Sculptors once fought after this particular variety of Italian marble. Statuario marble features dark, defined gray lines against a light greyish-white background. It’s an ideal choice for countertops and tiles. 

Black Marble

Deep, dark, and dramatic, black marble is for risk-takers and statement-makers. 

Negro Marquina Marble

Negro marquina showcases a solid black surface with white streaks. Originally from the Basque area of Europe, it’s the most popular of the black varieties, 

Nero Portoro Marble

If you have a large bathroom or kitchen, consider decorating it with nero portoro. This Italian marble variety shows off a bold leopard pattern of gold/light brown against black. Some say it resembles a mosaic, making it a natural work of art. 

Red Marble

Varying in shades of deep red, orange, and brown, red marble brings energy and vitality to a space. 

Sasso Rosso Marble

From Italy, sasso rosso boasts a rich, earthy red with cracked veining. This marble is a beautiful choice for walls, flooring, and even pool edging. 

French Red Marble

For the deepest , darkest red imaginable, opt for French red marble. Featuring lighter brownish-red streaks with splashes of white, the veining creates a beautiful contrast against the dark background.

Brown Marble

Neutral and more subdued than other varieties, brown marble is simultaneously upscale and modest.

Dark Emperador Marble

Identified by its web-like veining, emperador marble is elegant and neutral. The dark variety boasts a luscious chocolate brown with light brown veining. 

Light Emperador Marble

This marble is a lighter version of the emperador variety. It features a bright golden brown hue with even lighter veining.

Pink Marble

From posh pink to pale rose, pink marble will add warmth and femininity to your home.

Rosa Zarci Marble

With a blend of powder pink and earth tones, rosa zarci marble features a natural mosaic of blurry white streaks. 

Pink Spider Marble

For an iconic marble look with a splash of femininity, choose pink spider marble. The veining is powerful and eye-catching, splattering dark red waves against a creamy pink backdrop.

Yellow Marble

Mainly selected for accent features, yellow marble is bright, cheery, and adventurous. 

Giallo Monforte Marble

Giallo monforte is an Italian marble variety. Its bright yellow hue has the likeness of real gold, giving it a truly luxurious look.

Yellow Siena Marble

From Siena, Italy, this marble variety is bold and dynamic. It showcases a palette of creamy yellows, robust goldens, and rich browns with a mix of blurry and defined streaks. 

Amarillo Triana Marble

Daring and flamboyant, amarillo triana marble boasts an intense yellow color. Sporadic streaks of dark yellow and gray give it a unique personality.

Green Marble

Green marble offers a natural aesthetic, echoing the serene palette of trees and plant life. 

Verde Indio

Unique and rare, verde indio marble will add an exotic flair to your home. Its dark green color and green veining resemble the patterns of a leaf.

Gray Marble

Perfect for both modern and classic decor, gray marble is subtle and sophisticated.

Marengo Gray Marble

Marengo is darker than other gray marble varieties, showcasing a tonal mix of grays and white. The unique veining creates a popcorn-like effect. Most people choose this variety for tiled floors.

Mariah Gray Marble

Mariah gray marble is smooth and smoky. The all-gray, monochromatic palette can also vary in darkness.

Antico Gray Marble

With thick, bold lines in varying shades of gray, antico gray marble resembles a grayscale landscape. This unique pattern is eye-catching and dramatic.

Impression Offers Different Kinds of Marble

At Impression, we select high-quality marble from France and Italy and artfully craft it to fit your space perfectly. Every piece is unique and custom, highlighting the natural beauty of each marble variety. Whether you’re looking for a contemporary marble wall or an elegantly designed fireplace, we can make your dream come true. Contact us today and experience the eternal beauty of marble.