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Terracotta Tile Flooring Ideas

Terracotta Tile Flooring Ideas

Out with the new, in with the old. Though modern tiles give your space an updated look. reclaimed terracotta tiles will transport your home to another time. Reminiscent of the Old World, these fired clay tiles exude European charm. Our reclaimed terracotta tiles are naturally aged and range from light to rich reddish-brown, making them ideal for rustic, French, Tuscan, and Spanish-influenced decor. Transform your home with one of these terracotta tile flooring ideas:

Terracotta Square Tiles

Simple and classic, square terracotta floor tiles work best with Spanish, Mexican, and Southwestern design. Opt for vibrant hues and tonal variance. Inspired by the villas of Tuscany? Choose large square terracotta tiles. For a more decorative touch, add a mosaic border. You can arrange square tiles diagonally, brick-style or in a grid-style pattern. 

Terracotta Brick Tiles

From the modest abode of a french farm to the elaborate lifestyle of a chateaux, terracotta brick tiles are perfectly at home. Brick tiles come in short and elongated rectangles with a wide range of hues, from light brown to dark red. A traditional brick pattern will give your floor an old cobblestone look, further accentuated with thick grout lines. For a more high-end design, try a herringbone arrangement.

Terracotta Hexagon Tiles

Turn up the charm with hexagonal terracotta tiles. Ideal for smaller rooms, such as bathrooms, hallways and mudrooms, hexagon tiles bring cottage vibes to the space. Place in a honeycomb pattern for visual interest. You can also alternate hexagonal tiles with square ones for a clean, symmetrical design. 

Decorative Terracotta Tiles

Some reclaimed terracotta tiles come with pictorial images, elaborate swirls, and iconic designs such as the fleur-de-lis. Often handcrafted, each tile is unique and special. It may be just what you need to give your space a personal touch. To avoid a cluttered appearance, sprinkle these decorative tiles amongst plain floor tiles or use them to create a border. 

Choose Reclaimed Terracotta Floor Tiles from Impression

If Old World style appeals to you, choose reclaimed terracotta floor tiles from Impression. Salvaged from farmhouses, chateaux, and other structures in Burgundy and Provence, France, our terracotta tiles will add a European flair to your space. Since we custom-design each flooring project, we can make your dreams a reality. We know you’ll love the culturally rich feel terracotta brings to your floor. Contact us today to learn more about terracotta and natural stones.