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Stone Features You Haven’t Thought of for a Home Improvement Project

Space for Stone Features

Is your house feeling like it needs a makeover? At Impression, we understand, and we always think stone is the best option! If you’re looking for something more interesting that can lead to your house standing out, look no further than this list for simple makeovers that make your home that much more beautiful via stone.

Exterior Features

Any outdoor space could use more stone! Stone accentuates pre-existing features of your abode, bringing out a natural feel. Here are some simple options to tie it into your exterior.


Everyone needs numbers on the outside of their dwelling in order to identify their residence. If they’re necessary, why not have them embody beauty? Modern house engravings are beautiful, and come in every color to fit any aesthetic. You can get them carved from the stone (leaving only an outline), carved into the stone, or carved out of stone for standalone numbers.

Stone Mailbox

A stone mailbox is a beautiful addition to any place. Much like exterior numbers, mailboxes are essential. Stone mailboxes compliment every style, and Impression designs them out of marble, granite, and reclaimed terracotta. These are an easy way to enhance the exterior of your home, and their longevity and durability mark them as a popular choice.

Interior Features

Stone doesn’t have to be cold nor stoic! Bringing rock into your home can actually increase how cozy it feels, making any space homey with its outdoorsy vibe. If you’re looking for an interesting way to bring stone indoors, check out these custom architecture options.


Runner rugs are a nice way to fill a hallway or other narrow space. Despite this, their durability is low and they may be hard to clean. Consider instead forming a makeshift “runner rug” shape out of stone, alternating patterns between the middle-most portion of the hall and the surrounding stone. It will have the same appearance as a rug, with all the fashion and style, but without any of the hassle.

Bars and Islands

For the adults of the household, having a bar is essential for entertaining. Popular currently are half-stone, half-wood bars that encompass a casual, outdoorsy vibe. These pieces form the perfect addition to a living room, dining area, kitchen, or even a refurbished basement. In addition, islands in the kitchen can be crafted from stone as well.

Rounded Accent Pieces

Impression specializes in rounded accent pieces. They can go anywhere, and our artists use French hand-carving techniques and sophisticated stone-cutting machinery to assemble them. Rounded arches are especially popular, as are sculpted railing pieces.

Textured Walls

Within a single-tone color wall, alternate patches or columns of stone for a non-traditional accent piece. It functions much like a normal accent wall, but is kept minimalistic for a simple, classic aesthetic. 

Basements and Underground Areas

Basements and other spaces mostly underground can be less-frequently used due to their dreary aesthetic. Adding stone accents brings a classy feel to traditionally-dark areas. The simplest option is to transform any stairs from the main level downstairs to stone-based, creating a more elegant entrance into the space.

Impression’s Custom Stone Features

Our company consists of artisans that take pride and joy in creating the perfect stone features for your residence. No matter the vision, we hand-craft pieces every day that turn people’s dream homes into reality. Contact us today for a consultation, see our portfolio, and check out our variety of custom possibilities.

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