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Should You Install Reclaimed Terracotta Roofing Tiles?

Reclaimed Terracotta Roofing for Your Home

Reclaimed terracotta is an intriguing material that was previously used in older homes and buildings all throughout Europe. The warm colors, which resulted from the use of clay, was named terracotta because it means baked earth. Today, the reclaimed terracotta comes from salvaged farmhouses and chateaus, primarily in France. Homeowners often use the tiles for flooring or other home uses, but it can also be placed on a house as roofing. Here are just a few reasons why reclaimed terracotta roofing is a good idea for a home:

1-The Beautiful Appearance

You want your home to have a nice curb appeal and one way to enhance it is to install a reclaimed terracotta roof when you need new roofing materials. The warm colors bring the natural look and feel to your home and make it feel automatically welcoming. The tiles come in yellows, reds, browns, and many other hues. They can also come in square, rectangle, or even hexagon-like shapes. You can get the right color and shape to match your home’s look.

2-Unique Authenticity

Sure, you can get manufactured roofing tiles for your home, but it’s nice to reflect an old-world elegance and to reuse materials that were once used in Europe. It adds a rich cultural feel to your home and you are, at the same time, recycling a material that can easily be used again. You get uniqueness and authenticity at the same time.

3-Long Lasting Capabilities

Reclaimed terracotta is highly durable because the material was built to last—and already has. The reclaimed material has been around for centuries already and it’s not going anywhere any time soon. It can withstand a lot of wear and tear and anything it will see weather-wise on the roof. It makes great flooring in high traffic areas because of the wear and tear it can hold up against. Since it absorbs moisture easily, it works well outside as well.

4-The Cost-Effectiveness

Reclaimed terracotta is a cost-effective solution for roofing because you don’t have to replace it nearly as soon as you would other tiles. The price depends on the type of terracotta you choose, but overall, it won’t cost a fortune and it comes with durability and longevity, which can end up lowering the price for the long haul.

5-Environmental Friendliness

Reusing, recycling, and going green is huge right now and everyone wants to do their part in helping the environment. You can do yours by using reclaimed terracotta as a roofing material. Reusing the tiles from salvaged buildings utilizes materials that already exist and repurposes them for your roof.

Leaning Toward Reclaimed Terracotta Roofing

If you are ready to look into reclaimed terracotta for your roofing material, contact the professionals at Impression to get started on the design process. You can look over colors and take samples home from the showroom, so you can ensure the end result is just what you want it to be. We’ll help every step of the way, so you end up with a custom roofing project that suits your every need.

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