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How to Refresh Your Home For the New Year

How to Refresh Your Home For the New Year

After the crazy year we’ve all just experienced, it’s no surprise that many homeowners are ready to start 2021 with a clean slate. The hours spent in our abodes due to work from home, remote schooling, and general stay-at-home orders have left many of us with houses deeply in need of a refresh. Don’t fret: it’s more than possible to remodel your home for the new year without too much work or financial burden! Here’s how we’ll be updating our spaces — including adding stone! — to prepare for the year ahead.

Get Organized

Clutter is the number one source of that drabness we feel in so many of our homes. Unpacked boxes, mismanaged children’s toys, pet supplies, everyday mail, and so many other items build up over time. The end result is a room where eyes are drawn to mess and not to the furniture and decor you have. Because being more organized is a frequent new year’s resolution, reorganizing your home is a great place to start! Add some storage furniture, move cluttered items into boxes or fashionable containers, and simplify your space by only keeping what you absolutely need and love.

Swap Out Art and Decor

If your home is feeling a little tired, try swapping out your existing art and decor for some new pieces! Frames are often the most expensive part of hanging art; new prints and paintings are usually available on sites such as Etsy or Redbubble for just a few dollars. For an even more wallet-friendly option, just swap art between rooms! It’s likely that the vase in your kitchen would look beautiful in the living room, and the artwork in your living room over your bed. 

Change Paint

Whether bored of an all-white interior or ready to embrace a neutral color palette after a year of vibrant walls, changing up your home’s paint is a great way to feel refreshed. It’s arguably the easiest way to make a huge difference to any room, though it does require some work. If you’re not ready to make the leap of repainting an entire room, consider painting just one as an accent wall, or painting a door or window frame!

Reimagine Your Layout

Getting sick of having your work-from-home desk stuffed in the corner? Always banging your shin on that one side table? Reimagine your home’s furniture and decor layout for the new year to freshen up your space! Moving furniture around can drastically change the perception of a room, and there’s always some way to make your space more functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Create Functional Spaces

Furthering the concept of changing your layout, it’s time to create a home that’s a little more quarantine friendly! Install wall-mounted desks in children’s rooms for online schooling, carve out some space for an at-home gym, and purchase some organizational shelving to go near your home “office.” By designating spaces in your home for certain activities, you avoid the clutter, hassle, and mental stress of having the kids at the kitchen table during the day and exercising in the living room at night. Plus, even when things return to normal, there’s still the benefit of having everything you could ever need right at home!

Add Stone With Impression

For a more drastic way to refresh your home in 2021, get in touch with the experts and artisans of Impression to add new custom home features to your home! With selections of marble, limestone, and reclaimed terracotta sourced from the best quarries across the globe, you’re sure to find a natural stone material perfect for your refreshed space. Contact us today to get started!

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