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Quick, Easy Tips For Cleaning Marble

How To Clean Marble Features Effectively

Marble is a very impressive stone because of its timeless beauty. Yet, it is also can be vulnerable to stains if it is not cared for properly. If you choose the right materials to clean it, then you can make sure that your marble stays intact and appears as new as possible. Take a look below at a few ways you can clean and maintain your marble.

Protect Marble From Scratches

If you have a marble feature such as a marble fireplace or otherwise that you can set any objects on, then you need to be careful. Setting a heavy or sharp object on marble can cause scratches. If you want to set a glass down, use protective coasters or mats.

Clean Marble Frequently

Because marble can stain easily it is very important that you clean your marble immediately after any spill, especially liquids with an acid base like orange juice or coffee. Other items that have a strong pigment like wine, curry powder, etc., can also leave stains and should be wiped away. If you are interested in how to clean marble the correct way, take a look below at a few useful cleaning tips.

  1. Use a soft cloth – make sure it is damp with warm water to remove dust or other small messes.
  2. Use a natural soap on marble for a deeper clean – dilute a gentle soap in some water and wet a soft cloth. Never use vinegar on marble. For light colored marble, hydrogen peroxide may be used.
  3. Make sure that you dry the marble after wiping away the spill.
  4. Use a chamois to give your marble feature a shine. You can use a marble polish as well; just make sure that it is made for marble not another type of stone.

How To Remove Stains From Marble

While most spills can be easily wiped away, there may come a time when you find a stubborn stain on your marble. If this is the case, you may need to use a different method to rid of the stain than just soap and water. When removing a stain from marble you will need to use a poultice. You can make this at home by mixing powdered whiting and hydrogen peroxide or other stain removing chemical. The instructions will typically be available with the purchase of the poultice powder at your local hardware store. After the thick paste is mixed it should be applied to the stain and covered with plastic wrap. It should sit until the thick paste is dry. Sometimes it may take a couple of days before it’s dry. When it’s ready, use a cloth to wipe away the paste and rinse it with water. You may need to repeat the same method a few more times before the stain is completely removed.

A Few More Tips

If you have marble countertops, floors, or other marble feature make sure to follow these easy tips:

  • Use a protective stone sealer
  • Keep hot items off or use a heating pad to protect it
  • Don’t let any citrus spills or alcohol sit on marble
  • Use coasters
  • Apply a wax to keep protected and shiny

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