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Questions to Ask Your Remodeling Team

The Remodeling Process

Remodeling your home can be an exciting process. Before you start, make sure you know exactly what to ask your contractors. Here, Impression lists our most important questions for those looking to remodel.

Who’s On Your Team?

First and foremost, ask who is on your team. You should know how long everyone on the team has been doing their job. You can also ask if they’re a full-service company. Some companies use subcontractors, and you should be aware of which ones they’re using and their qualifications as well. Most importantly, find out if your project manager will be on site or if they will be remote. If they are not always on site, who is the point of contact? There should be someone you can call at any point.

Do You Have Licensing and Certification? 

No one loves paperwork, but it’s necessary to complete any project. Asking about licensing, certifications, and other legal papers allows you to trust your remodeling team. Contracting licenses are dependent on location, and can vary by city, state, and county. Regardless, a generalized business license isn’t enough — your contractors should have licenses specific to the job they’re performing, like roofing or carpentry. There are many online resources available that allow you to check if a contractor is licensed. Lastly, make sure to ask which paperwork you’re responsible for. Will your project manager take care of permits and inspection forms? If not, you’ll have to.

Have You Done Projects Like This Before? 

It’s not always essential that your remodeling team has completed projects identical to yours before. However, you should make certain that they have some experience and samples. It’s helpful when past projects have similar elements to yours, and you can ask your team for references. Many companies also have online portfolios, which will display completed work by category. Impression is experienced, and samples of our work can be found online, which is what makes us a trusted company for all your custom home needs.

What’s Our Project Schedule? 

A general rule of thumb is to assume projects will run longer than expected. In most remodels, something inevitably comes up that derails the goal end date. Being flexible is a must, but on you and your team’s end. Ask for specific dates as to when certain tasks will be completed, and also inquire on how the team will handle changes to the timeline. Additionally, find out when contractors and builders will be in your home. Their hours may vary from your work schedule, and home renovations and remodeling can get noisy and disruptive. It may be helpful to ask if the team currently has any other major projects that could affect the completion of your own.

What’s Our Payment Schedule? 

Alongside your timeline for tasks should be a detailed schedule for payment. You shouldn’t pay the full price of your remodel before it’s completed, but instead work out milestones along the way. 

Are There Any Concerns? 

When it comes to remodeling homes in any capacity, there can be surprises. Sometimes removing walls, fireplaces, or counters will reveal underlying structural issues that need to be fixed before any cosmetic changes can occur. To prepare yourself for anything, ask your remodeling team what hidden problems could arise, and how much it would cost to fix them. This allows both you and your team to feel prepared for whatever happens along the remodeling journey.

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