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Remodeling Your Home Should Include Your Fireplace

Fireplaces can be the centerpiece of a room, command attention, and make for an excellent conversation starter. Many people don’t think much of how much of an impact that a fireplace can have on the themes and design of a room. Like any other home trend, the exterior design and materials used for your fireplace has some fun, contemporary options, and taking each of them into consideration might bring you to one that you fall in love with. If you’re not sure where to start, calling someone who specializes in building fireplace faces, or a local stone materials company can be a great starting point.


Sweet, warm, and cozy, plaster fireplaces are common in several regions in the United States. Plaster fireplaces are loved for their integration into the surrounding walls space, making for an opportunity to dress it up if you want it to stand out, or leave it alone if you want it to disappear.


With its gorgeous grey lines drifting in a sea of white, marble is a popular option for its classy, stunning appearance. Marble is also fireproof, and doesn’t get hot to the touch, making it both practical and safe for families with small children, or those who may have small children in their homes frequently.


Another durable, fireproof material mined from materials naturally found in the earth, limestone makes for an excellent fireplace. Limestone fireplaces can be custom made, intricately designed to match your home, and impress your family and friends. Classic and subtle, limestone is a match for any home, and comes in a variety of colors and textures.


Though this may not seem like a safe choice for a fireplace, metal fireplaces can be made in a way that poses minimal concern. Many fireplaces’ surrounding material is different from the metal where the fire itself burns. For more information about which materials would be best, contact a dealer. They will be able to guide you to the metals you’re looking for.  


Fieldstone, or stone veneer fireplaces, bring a rustic look to the room where your fireplace is located. Fieldstone is an eco-friendly option that is usually mined in the area that you live in. Fieldstone is held together by concrete, and formed around your fireplace. Like other materials, it is safe to the touch, fireproof, and long-lasting.


Ledgestone brings a beautiful pattern of flat, stacked stones that is at once country chic and urban. The beautiful variations in the texture of the stones makes for an artistic addition to any home. Like fieldstone, the ledgestone is held together by concrete and available in a variety of colors for the palate of the room for your family to enjoy.


Simple, attractive, and versatile, concrete can be formed to anything your heart desires. Those who want brick, but don’t like that irregularities can have concrete blocks instead. Those looking for a geometric pattern that doesn’t involve much carving can have a concrete panel. Concrete has a distinctly modern, chic look that works as well outdoors as it does indoors.