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Where To Place Marble Columns

Using Marble Columns To Create A Grandiose Atmosphere

Marble is one of those beautiful materials that lasts forever. If you like the material itself, you can use it within your home in a number of ways. While marble floors and countertops are beautiful, something like marble columns can really stand out. Marble columns come from ancient Europe, but they don’t have to be left to old buildings and exotic locations. You can use them in your home as well and give your space a royal ambiance. While you don’t want the columns to overpower your house, there are a number of options as to where you could place them.

Entry Ways, Inside Or Out

The first thing anyone sees on your house is the porch. Once they pass that, they get into the entryway, the first interior thing they see. Placing marble columns on the porch or in the entryway is a great way to welcome guests in an elegant manner. Marble columns can set the tone for the rest of your home. People will expect elegance and style throughout the house.


You can also place marble columns in the doorways of your house as a surround to the door. This works well in wide open doorways when you have a more open concept to your home. You could place them between the kitchen and dining room, entryway and living room, or in any other doorway that makes sense for your home.


If you have a great-looking staircase that shows from the entry way or another room of the house, why not use marble columns going up the staircase? The railing is a must and to infuse elegance into the stairs, marble columns as rungs on that railing can make a real statement. You could get a complete marble staircase, the columns that lead you up the stairs is a good start to the elegance you want.

As Porch Supports

As you move to the back of your house, you love the outdoor space you have. Perhaps you have a porch with an overhang. Why not use marble columns as supports for that overhang? It gives the outside space more elegance and helps it to blend into your interior, creating a cohesive transition.

Around The Fireplace

Depending on what type of fireplace you have, placing marble columns on either side of it can help it to stand out even further. The columns frame the fireplace and make it a central focus within the room. You don’t need much art on the wall with beautiful marble columns in place, taking the attention away from anything else.

Finding The Right Place For Marble Columns

You might already know just where you want to place marble columns, but even if you just know that you’d like to have some, the professionals at Impression can help. Take steps in the right direction with craftsman who know how to work with the natural material. The end result will be marble columns in just the right space with just the right shape.

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