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Outdoor Limestone Projects To Invest In

If you live in Los Angeles, you want to do everything you can to take advantage of the beautiful weather. The absence of snowy conditions means your house will be on full display in the radiant sunshine, and this means having the chance to really add aesthetic and long-term value to your home.

Add Character To Your Home’s Exterior With These Limestone Features

One of the world’s go-to building materials, limestone has been used, and is still used today for any number of home features, but interior and exterior. While it is normally quarried from local sources, many companies will import limestone from other countries like Italy and France, since the makeup and texture is unique to that particular region. Part of its appeal is the seemingly everlasting durability in a variety of weather conditions. It can hold up against frequent use as well, which makes it ideal for certain custom features. Here are a few ways you can incorporate limestone into your home.

Charming Fountain Installations

When it comes to adding a new layer of character and sophistication to your landscape, you can have a beautifully designed limestone fountain crafted to your exact specifications. If you have a courtyard accessible from various avenues of your home, a fountain at the center can be admired from nearly any angle. You can surround it with benches, exotic flora, or anything else that you think will create a warm and welcoming ensemble. Even if you don’t have a place to center the fountain, you can have one installed along the outside wall of your house, or as part of your driveway entrance.

Limestone Walls

Most people think “tall” when the word wall is mentioned in relation to construction. However, using a collection of crafted limestone bricks, you can create limestone wallsthroughout your home’s exterior. They could help lead people to that new limestone fountain, or simply create a layered scenery in terms of your overall layout. The height it up to you, but by working with an experienced craftsmen you can create a beautiful vista that you and any guests will be able to enjoy year round.

Create A Lasting Look With Columns

If you look at any type of ancient architecture, you’re bound to encounter a number of buildings that had columns at their base, providing stability and stature. While most homes today are structurally sound without the need of columns, they provide an incredible aesthetic appeal that can’t be captured by any other feature. Not only that, but columns of different sizes can be utilized depending on where you’re having them installed, whether it’s a balcony or your home’s main entrance.

Enjoy The Long Lasting Benefits of Limestone

If you’re building a new home, or trying to improve your current one, limestone is a great choice of building material. Make sure you reach out to a local limestone company with expert craftsmen who can advise you and help create the perfect features for your home. Their handcrafted work will make a great impression for years to come.

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