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Most Beautiful Marble

Ranking Marble Fixtures Isn’t Easy

Where should marble go in your home? It’s hard to say, but there are plenty of possibilities. Marble can go so many ways with its durability and good looks, there are not many things that marble can’t do? Think you can’t eat marble? Marble forms from limestone, which can be used to fertilize our crops. Think marble is only white? That’s actually its rarest color! For the most part, marble comes in rosey or green colors. With this much flexibility, it is a wonder that more people don’t invest in this attractive, long-lasting stone.


With all of the traffic that any single home’s stairs get on a daily basis, marble is not just a reasonable option, but a practical one. Marble shows wear far less readily than carpet, or even hardwood, and makes your home look lovely. Marble stair may seem a luxury to some, but the idea of never having to maintain the material that you’ve got on your stairs appeals to those who lead busy lives. Marble takes on the difficult task of keeping itself looking presentable while you go on about your daily tasks.


If you think that the stairs have work to do when it comes to helping your family, countertops are even more prone to use and abuse! The great thing is, like marble stairs, marble countertops are similarly resilient, and require little in the way of maintenance. Feel free to clean your marble, and go on. Your marble countertops will be ready for the pressure of cutting boards, the kneading of dough, the cutting of pie shells, and all of the scraping that you can do. All of this is possible with the sturdiness and everlasting beauty of marble.

Door Surrounds

Imagine your home’s custom doors surrounded by marble. Now imagine that you’ve got them all over your home. Marble door surrounds are a little touch that you can add to your home that gives your home a little more personality and value down the line. When you’ve got a little extra in your budget to add to your home, door surrounds can give your halls and the entrance of your home the oompf that was missing before.


With its resiliency being one of the many reasons that people choose marble for fixtures, it makes sense that marble sinks would work in well-decorated and accented homes. Marble sinks are typically placed in master bathrooms, and make your home a little more valuable. It is commonly said that home buyers pay most attention to kitchen and bathrooms. This makes sense, as plumbing repairs can and do run in the thousands, and the same can be said for plumbing remodels. Giving your home the elegance that it deserves may involve making a few simple swaps that will improve your quality of life.  


The obelisk in Washington D.C. is among the most famous in the world. The one at our nation’s capital is made of limestone, the form of marble before it becomes the marble that you see in stores. Whether they are part of your foyer, or a greeting to guests in the front, an obelisk is a decoration that can never be forgotten.