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Uses For Marble: Then And Now

Marble’s Popularity Through The Years

There’s no doubt about it, marble is one of the most sought after stones in the world. It’s used in fountains, kitchen hoods, walls, fireplaces, countertops, and in many other locations. It’s a custom home feature that people need and want in a variety of locations. Since marble isn’t a new material, it has had time to settle into its role and become more popular than any other stone. It has become the primary go-to stone that people look for when they want to have a natural product in a home project. Have you ever wondered where marble came from and how it became so popular? Today, you’ll find out!

Going Straight To The Top

Marble was first used to construct things in the ancient Greek times. And it’s not like they were using it to make simple tables, either. Think the Parthenon, for example, which used marble and limestone as materials. As history moved on, marble popped up in other monuments like the Taj Mahal and even in America within the Lincoln Memorial. Some of the most memorable buildings and monuments in the world are marble. Even though the stone is obviously beautiful, it was mostly used to construct these things because it can last for thousands of years. It’s reliability and durability is second to none.

Art Finds A New Outlet

While marble has been popular in important buildings over the years, it also became a piece of art as sculptures realized it was versatile and could be carved. There are certain artists who dedicated their livelihoods to creating marble pieces of art. There are certain famous pieces, like Michelangelo’s David that serve as grand examples of the way marble can be sculpted into something even more beautiful than the natural stone itself. These pieces can last forever because of the material alone.

Modern Uses For Natural Stone

Though not just anyone can build a monument or carve a sculpture, today, everyone has access to marble for their own homes. Marble can withstand heat and it is very low maintenance. It is also highly elegant and beautiful. That makes it a great choice for fireplaces, kitchen countertops, and other areas of the home. Marble can tame bold colors and blend in with things that are already there. It is being used more and more within home designs every year.

Make Your Decision

If you are working on a home project and you are trying to decide on a material, marble will never steer you wrong. Things aren’t popular just because and marble has enough history behind it that you can trust its record. Contact the professionals at Impression to talk about what a marble piece can do for your home. You can get something customized, like columns or a fireplace, or you can get something like countertops for your bathroom or kitchen. With history behind it and a future ahead of it, marble is the obvious choice for any home, no matter what style you want to incorporate.