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Marble Maintenance Tips For Any Homeowner

Simple Marble Maintenance Ideas

Do you love the look of marble, but you’ve heard too many horror stories about maintenance to give it a try? Marble does need a little care from time to time, but it’s very easy to maintain. Does that put your mind at ease? All you need to do is learn how to care for it properly and put that knowledge into action. Use these measures to keep your marble countertops in good shape for many years.

Tip 1: Clean Spills Right Away

If anyone spills something on the marble countertops, especially if it’s something acidic like fruit juices, clean it up right away. You don’t want to use vinegar to clean marble, however. Just use soap and water on a damp cloth to get the spilled item cleaned up immediately.

Tip 2: Seal Marble As Recommended

Ask the company that installs the marble how often you need to have it sealed. Water should bead and form droplets on the surface. When the water no longer beads, it’s time to re-seal the marble.

Tip 3: Avoid Abrasive Cleansers

If you have chemical cleaners in the past, throw them out or move them to another room with countertops that can handle them. You don’t want to use them on your marble counters. You should only need a soft, damp cloth and a neutral cleaner.

Tip 4: Keep Them Clear

Don’t let dishes and glasses pile up on the countertop for a long period of time. You have rugs to keep shoes off the floor so consider coasters. Having coasters on the counter can keep wet items from soaking into the counter.

Tip 5: Get Cool Trivets

When you have marble countertops, it’s a good excuse to invest in a couple of cool-looking trivets to place pots and pans on when they are hot. Don’t put them right on the marble. It might not do anything at first, but repetition could stress the stone.

Tip 6: Enjoy The Material

Your marble is one of a kind and you want to enjoy it as much as you can. If it gets a few scratches over the years, don’t stress out over it. Your home is lived in and well loved. Don’t miss out on the beauty of the material because you want it to be perfection at all times.

Let Impression Ease Your Concerns About Marble

If you are still nervous about the idea of having marble countertops, contact the professionals at Impression. We have a solid understanding of how marble reacts to various situations, conditions, and elements. We’ll explain everything you need to know about caring for your countertops in order to ensure that you select a material you will love until the day you move to a different home. We can customize your choices and get you the marble countertops you’ve always dreamed of having. We won’t leave you in the lurch, either. If you have questions about maintenance down the road, just give us a call and we’re happy to explain things to you again.