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Are Marble Fountains The Best Option?

Marble Fountains Can Fit Into Your Home

You can make a fountain for your home out of a number of different materials. You could, for example, make a cast concrete fountain that looks like natural stone. However, it won’t ever match the durability of actual natural stones, like marble. Fountains made of concrete often crack and crumble over time, especially if they are left out in cold weather. If you want your fountain to last, it is really better to purchase something made of natural stone, like marble.

The Fame Of Marble Fountains

Marble fountains are widely famous and there are many fountains around the world that have been carved from the popular material. Marble, one of the most elegant stones around, is a common material for sculptures, buildings, and of course, fountains. The luxurious stone is very soft compared to other stones, so it is easy to carve in intricate patterns to decorate the fountain. The details are achievable and in the end, create a breathtaking fountain. Marble is also a highly durable material and work well both inside and outside of a home.

What Makes Your Fountain Famous?

You might not be able to get your hands on a fountain that resides in a museum, but you can certainly have one replicated to look like a work of art. How you do that is completely up to you. Most homeowners start by choosing a color of marble to create the fountain out of. Marble is a natural material and neutral colors are most common for the fountains. Then, you get to pick what kind of carvings you want for the fountain. Do you want an angel on top or a lion at the side? Do you want a simple design or pattern on the fountain? The options are endless and it’s all up to you and what you want for your home.

Watch For Examples To Get Ideas

If you visit with a marble company about creating a marble fountain for you, they will have plenty of ideas and designs to show you to help you get ideas. Keep in mind that when you get a customized fountain, you can pick and choose and change anything you’d like. You might like one detail from one of the fountains they show you and another from a different one. Combining the ideas and coming up with something completely original and unique is the best way to make your marble fountain feel like something different and yours.

Look At Marble Fountains In Person

You will also want to look at various marble fountains in person to get an idea on size and style so you know what they look like up close. You don’t want to order a huge fountain only to find it completely overwhelms your garden. The professionals at Impression can help you figure out the proper size for the location you have in mind.

Bring It All Together

Getting a marble fountain can be very exciting, but you have to have a lot of things in place to get just what you want for your landscaping, garden, or entryway. Let the Impression experts help you form the marble you choose into something truly beautiful. And who knows,  when you’re done with it, it just might end up in a museum.