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Marble Fireplace Surround Ideas

Marble Fireplace Surround Ideas

Naturally beautiful and heat-resistant, marble is one of the finest materials for a fireplace surround. Dating back to ancient civilizations, marble has maintained its status as a symbol of elegance, power, and wealth. Its smooth, silky appearance and unique veining gives it a luxurious appeal. And its sculptable nature makes it ideal for elaborate carvings and dimensional designs. If you’ve chosen marble for your project, here are 5 stunning marble fireplace surround ideas to transform your space:

Simply Sleek Tiles

Let the marble speak for itself. Encase your fireplace with simple, sleek marble tiles and no extra frills. Opt for large tiles with a smooth, high-polished finish. If you desire a little detail, you can include a raised border.

Clean Modern Lines

For a contemporary look, select a solid marble fireplace with clean lines. It can be shiny or matte, depending on your taste. The surface should be smooth with little-to-no detail.

Traditional Framework

If your home lends itself to a traditionally styled fireplace, choose a marble surround with a  classic framework design. Sometimes referred to as “pictureless frames,” these open squares and rectangles are common design features in colonial architecture. Modest and classy, traditional fireplace surrounds bring a warm feel to the space.

Ornate Victorian Design

If you want your fireplace to make a statement, select a marble surround with Victorian design elements. Since marble is soft and sculptable, it’s the perfect medium for ornately carved swirls, flowers, and scrolls. Some elaborate fireplaces also draw inspiration from Renaissance artwork or French architecture.  

Roman-Style Columns

When your fireplace lives in a large space, take the opportunity to make an impression. Choose a grand design with ancient inspiration. During the reigns of Greece and Rome, marble dominated art and architecture. Therefore, a marble fireplace surround with elaborate columns and mythological iconography will provide an authentic Greco-Roman feel.

Marble Fireplace Surrounds From Impression

At Impression, we design and build exquisite natural stone fireplaces. We custom-create our marble fireplace surrounds using traditional French hand-carving techniques and sophisticated stone-cutting machinery. SInce each piece is tailor-made, we can turn your vision into a reality. Contact us today or visit our showroom to see what an Impression marble fireplace can do for your space.