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Making An Impression With Marble

Impressive Marble Features

There are a number of things you can do to your home to make it stand out. Marble is a widely popular, natural stone that has been used throughout the centuries. It’s beauty and the fact that it’s been around for centuries tells you that it is durable as well. With it’s classic beauty, it only makes sense to use marble in order to distinguish your home features in a unique fashion. There are a number of custom home features that can be crafted by artisans using marble materials. Of course, you can always use marble on floors, walls, or countertops, but custom items are even more valuable and personalized since they are your specific style. Here are a few marble features to consider adding to your home.

Marble Sinks

While many people have marble on their countertops, not many own marble sinks. Marble sinks exude fine living and since marble is highly durable, it can resists dings and scratches as well. The end result is having an aesthetically pleasing look and since marble comes in a wide variety of colors, it can give your bathroom and kitchen sinks a unique pattern and color.

Marble Stairs

Some homeowners use marble on the floors, but stairs are often overlooked. Stairs can make a huge difference in a home, especially if they are a focal point of the house. Marble staircases give your home a grand appearance and easily become a conversation starter with your guests. Stairs can have an elegant and sophisticated look with the help of marble and the right artisan.

Marble Columns

You can make your home stand out quickly with marble columns. Columns are known for supporting older buildings, but they are also magnificent architectural design pieces. Adding columns brings beauty and elegance in any home and can really make it stand out.

Marble Door Surrounds

When you think about marble, door surrounds may never cross your mind. They are an easy and beautiful way to accent an archway or doorway in your home to make a great impression and heighten the overall design of the room.

Marble Fireplace Surround

The fireplace can easily become the center of the room if you surround it with a custom marble piece. Marble stands out with beauty and can make the fireplace shimmer with elegance.

Marble Kitchen Hoods

The kitchen is always the heart of the home and there will be a lot of activity in that space. The kitchen might look ordinary and plain, but after you add a marble kitchen hood, it can stand out and add a unique design element. The marble tone sets a different feel to the whole room of beauty and class.

Contact Impression

If one of these unique creations sounds like something you would like for your home, contact our company, Impression for details on getting the project started. Together, we can create the perfect home environment based on your style and preferences. These pieces are custom, one of a kind element that only your home will feature, making it stand out all that much more.