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Make Your Countertops Stand Out With Limestone

Creating an Environment for Limestone Countertops

When you decide to go with limestone countertops, you know they are going to look great in your kitchen. However, they are an investment and you want to take care of them as best you can. Once you learn the maintenance tips, you want to do what you can to make the limestone really stand out. The countertops are a central point in any kitchen, but highlighting the limestone can take a few extra steps to make them as easy to show off as possible. Here are a few ideas to help you create the right environment for your new countertops:

Choose a Contrasting Color

One way to make the limestone stand out right away once it is installed is to create a contrast in the room and make the limestone the feature of that contrast. If you have a white kitchen, for example, choose a darker natural color for the limestone and it will stand out as different in the space. If the kitchen is darker, go lighter with the countertops to make them really shine.

Consider a Bold Paint Shade

Limestone is an elegant, natural stone and you can go bold with colors around it and it will tame them with ease. If you put in limestone countertops and perhaps you already have limestone flooring, you can get a bold color for the walls and that color will be automatically softer with the limestone. Kitchens don’t often have a lot of wall space around the counters and cabinets, so it’s a good place to go with something bold.  

Light With Care

The kitchen needs a lot of light and when you put in limestone countertops, you want to illuminate those counters to show off their luster. Add some warm lighting with different bulbs over the sink or in the under-cabinet lighting to bring warmth to the limestone, so they look chic and new, even as time passes by the kitchen. 

Add More Limestone

One way to make limestone stand out is to add more limestone. Think about putting in a limestone floor or limestone sink to highlight the countertops you are already installing. Limestone goes together well and can unify the theme of the space to make it all look grand and substantial. You could also get a limestone kitchen hood and have it custom designed to suit the room of your dreams.

Cool And Warm Balances

Limestone is a natural material that comes in cool, neutral colors. You can balance that and add focus onto the countertops by bringing some warm colors into the room as well. Consider some cozy rugs by the sink and in front of the stove that complement the cool limestone colors.

Focus on the Limestone Countertops

Once you put the limestone countertops in, you may realize they are automatically the focus of the room. But if you want them to stand out even more, these ideas can help you place the focus on the right area of the room. Contact the professionals at Impression to get started on your project, or to ask for ideas on highlighting the new countertops once they are installed.

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