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How to Make Your Home Look Expensive 

Tips on How to Make Your Home Look More Expensive

No matter how big or how small, having a luxurious home is the goal of many. Most of us aim to have a home that looks expensive, but often, our personal finances don’t allow for every item we own to be one of the finer things. This shouldn’t discourage you, though! Today, we’ll be looking at top tips and tricks for making your home look more expensive without spending all too much. You’ll be living lavishly in no time.

Get Organized

Sometimes, adding some elegance and upscale vibes to your home doesn’t require any renovations at all! Getting organized is the simplest way to make your home feel more expensive. Clutter is the least sophisticated thing you can have in your home. Reduce your belongings by getting rid of unnecessary or unused items, and keep the things you do need in organized containers. Don’t feel like new furniture is always necessary — you can always find ways to hide items in plain sight by using personal items as fashionable decor or hanging sentimental items on an accent wall.

Update Light Fixtures & Hardware

Many homeowners see updating their home as a big, tedious process, but that couldn’t be further from the truth! One of the cheapest, simplest ways to make your home look more expensive is by updating basic light fixtures and hardware. In addition to modernizing old fixtures, adding lighting can make a space look bigger, and changing up the lighting may allow you to feature statement pieces. An even more affordable version of this upgrade could even be just changing out lampshades. Moreover, fresh hardware allows you to update old furniture pieces or cabinets for a modern look, turning those vintage pieces from old into cozy and artsy.

Choose Neutrals

If you decide to repaint or replace anything for a more elevated look, lean into a neutral color scheme. Neutrals carry an air of elegance and help bring natural beauty into your space. Neutrals tend to look cleaner as well — though we’d steer clear of an all-white palette that may end up feeling clinical. In addition to being beautiful on their own, neutral pieces or home aspects allow the accents of color you do use to stand out and serve their purpose even better.

Update Tile

One of the simplest things to update in your home is the tile! Tile may be found in a few places, as some homeowners have chosen it as flooring or wall-coverings in nontraditional spaces, but it’s most commonly found in bathrooms and kitchens. Most notably in kitchens, a new backsplash can make all of the difference in improving your home’s value. These smaller projects may even be done do-it-yourself (DIY) to really add character without adding to your bill. Tile is often overlooked during renovations and undervalued when redone, though it can change your entire space. Updating any tile will simply help modernize whatever room it’s a part of!

Install Moulding

Moulding refers to the trim and wall facades that result in recessed or relieved surfaces. Moulding can be applied in a few ways, and due to its lower price point, is an ideal way to upgrade your home without breaking the bank. Crown moulding offers an expensive vibe, narrow strips create picture-framing aesthetics, and wainscoting gives any room a cozy charm.

Add Modern Art

For a final tip on making your home look expensive, we suggest adding some modern art. One over-sized piece by itself feels important and has a big impact. Don’t focus too much on the price of the item; it’s simply the magnitude that matters here.

Add Stone With Impression

While each of these tips will allow you to elevate your home, the best way to truly add elegance and expensiveness is through the installation of natural stone. Natural stone is timeless, comes in a multitude of designs and colors, and increases the worth of every property. Get in touch with Impression today to see how we can give your home that extra boost of luxury.

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