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How to Make Your Home Festive for the Holidays

How to Make Your Home Feel Festive During the Holidays

As October comes to a close, we all begin to prepare for the most hectic time of year: the holidays! Preparing for the holidays often comes with decorations, and they certainly help with getting into a festive spirit. There are go-to decor pieces, including pumpkins during Halloween, cornucopias during Thanksgiving, menorahs during Hanukkah, and evergreen trees during Christmas. But what about the simple decoration ideas that aren’t so obvious? Today, Impression is listing out some more quick and simple festive decorations, many of which can be used no matter the month nor what you celebrate in your home!

Switch Up Your Linens

Bedsheets, kitchen towels, drapes, pillow covers, and even throw blankets are all examples of linens and fabrics in your house that could use a holiday touch. Additionally, most of these are kept in the commonplaces of your home, so guests will notice. Festive options for these can be simple, based on the colors of fall or winter, or can include a lot of detail — perhaps ones with Santa himself on them. Choose autumn-inspired throws or ones that match traditional holiday colors to create a super simple, but super effective, festive appearance.

Make It Sparkle

Something about special lights really gives homes a holiday feel. Whether on or off the tree, even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, Christmas tree lights strung around the house feel magical. Try along cabinets, the handrail of your staircase, or framing main doorways.  Similarly, twinkle lights and string lights brighten indoor decor, especially in family spaces.

Choose Festive Scents

Smells are one of the most powerful ways to evoke memories, and holiday scents even more so. To create a festive environment, choose candles that represent the things associated with them: pumpkin spice, apple cinnamon, gingerbread cookie, evergreen, caramel, and so on. You can even make fresh scents yourself by putting cinnamon sticks or bags of herbs around your home on mantels, shelves, and tabletops.

Play Festive Music

Similar to scents, festive music is a way to create a holiday atmosphere without any home changes at all! Because you have full control over when festive music is playing, it can be the ideal addition to holiday parties and get-togethers because it’s not a “decoration” you need to keep on the entire time. Even the biggest Scrooges can’t resist Mariah Carrey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You” — a scientific fact.

Hang Seasonal Artwork

There are plenty of festive pieces available when it comes to prints and framed art. Consider switching out an existing picture with something holiday-related, whether that’s replacing the photo in the frame or hanging an entirely new piece in its place for the time being. If you don’t have any artwork handy, an extra simple DIY idea is to frame and hang some more intriguing wrapping paper! 

Celebrate the Holidays With Impression

At Impression, we believe the best way to bring the holidays to life is through stone! Stone’s earthy composition makes it cool enough to match the chillier months, but warm enough to create an inviting feel. Besides, what’s better than cozying up by the fire when the temperature gets a little low? Contact Impression today to see how our stone artisans can transform the most festive parts of your home, including your entryway, kitchen, and family spaces, with stone!

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