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How to Make Your Home Cozy

How to Make Your Home Feel Extra Cozy This Fall

With a long winter just around the corner, making your home feel cozy is essential. We all know what cozy feels like, but recreating that warmth from scratch can leave you scratching your head. How do you make your home feel cozy? Read on to find out how you can make your home feel cozier with ease.

What Is a Cozy Home?

A cozy home is one that feels inviting and warm. Cozy homes make even the newest of guests feel welcome and at home. They’re known for being notably comfortable, natural, and retreat-like. Impression knows that the best part about the concept of coziness is that it can apply to any home. Whether you’re living in a studio apartment or a multi-bedroom house, coziness has the same principles.

Decor For a Cozy Home

The simplest way to cozy up a home is with some key decor pieces. Here are some of the best decor categories for a warm and welcoming room.


Texture is the difference between a normal home and a cozy home. Choose to decorate with rugs, throw pillows, and throw rugs with varying textures and feels. Textiles that are “touchable” encourage feeling at home amongst them. Some great examples of materials to include are wicker, chunky knit, velvet, faux fur, linen, leather, ceramic, and wood. 

Plants & Pets

Something about a home that feels like a greenhouse makes it so much cozier. By having other living things in your home, it’ll feel like a place people will want to live — that “cozy” feeling. The same goes for any pets! If you have cats or dogs, add plush beds in neutral tones or aesthetically-pleasing cat shelves to a room. The presence of a furry friend automatically makes a home more inviting.

Artwork & Wall Pieces

The mistake of many is to keep their home confined to the floor. Bookcases, couches, and tables are all necessary — let’s try to think bigger! Floating shelves decorated with knick-knacks, intriguing artwork framed and hung, and wall mirrors are all great ways to draw the eye upwards and avoid bare, sterile-feeling walls. You can even combine some of the above ideas — why not hang your textured blankets on wall racks, or opt for some hanging plants?


For lighting your home, the trick for coziness is to have multiple light sources with varying temperatures and tones. Some lights are blueish, some yellow-orange, and others white. Add light sources for every dark corner in your home, and avoid single overhead lighting (which can appear harsh and clinical). It’s best to use cooler lighting and task lighting throughout the day when the sun is up. With that said, don’t use any colors that are too cold in color; the neon vibe is uninviting. When the sun sets, opt for warm bulbs, ambiance lighting, and candles. A pro tip is to add a cluster of different lighting forms in spaces where you want people to gather or converse.

Allow Impression to Add to Your Home’s Coziness

The best compliment of all is when someone says that your home is cozy, and hopefully, it’s a compliment you’ll be receiving soon! While decor can make all the difference, so can elevating the aesthetics of your home on a structural level. Homes with open floor plans, natural textures like limestone and marble, and large fireplaces totally change how a space is perceived. Get in touch with Impression today to see how our custom home features made with natural stone materials like limestone and marble can bring your house to the next level.

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