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Limestone building gives it a very sophisticated look

Limestone: The Ultimate Sophistication

Luxury Knows No Bounds With Limestone

Wrapping yourself in the luxe life is easy with limestone furnishings in your home. You’ve already got your collection of high-end fashion house bags, and your fine furnishings. Take your luxe life a step further with the beauty of limestone. You have options when it comes to luxury additions to your home, but choose the one that will be with you for years and years. Limestone has a rich history that dates back to Ancient Egypt, and Ancient Rome. These ancient peoples were among the first to mill limestone and use it for public-use buildings, like the Forum, where Congress was held, and private-use buildings, like homes near the beautiful Nile River. From Ancient Egypt to your home, limestone will give you the luxury that will make your home valuable and enjoyable.  

The Splendid Stairs

There is no more graceful staircase than one made of limestone (or its cousin, marble). Limestone stairs are very popular in homes, but also in state and city-use buildings. The use of limestone stairs in official buildings is what often gives them that added touch of splendor, and can be exactly what you need for a touch of elegance in your home. You can do this with ease when you get in touch with your local limestone company, and ask them to design a staircase for you, or better yet, to help you design a staircase that fits seamlessly into your home.

The Fantastic Fountain

Having a personal fountain in your yard is one of the many ways to give yourself the gift of luxury. Not only is a fountain a relaxing escape, it could be a zen point if you have a Japanese Shinto-inspired garden. Limestone makes for incredibly beautiful fountains, and fountains make for less stress and more you time. Taking just a few minutes to relax around a fountain has been said by ancient peoples to lower blood pressure and increase focus.  

Door Surrounds to Another World

Maybe you didn’t think about it before you found your dream home, but now that your dream home is here, you should consider limestone door surrounds. Why door surrounds? A little extra protection for your door during inclement weather, and an accent that will make the doors of other homes look plain. Give your home the luxury of marble or limestone door surrounds, and you, your family, and your guests will have all of the elegance that you can imagine.

Regal Columns

If you love the idea of living as the Ancient Romans and playing the role of Julius Caesar, your local limestone company can create beautiful columns for your home that will make an impression on your guests, your neighbors, and your family. Limestone columns are a sophisticated decor that can even provide a small amount of privacy. With the durability of limestone and the grace of the ancient world, limestone columns are the way to make your home a place that doesn’t just feel like home, but feels like the luxury home you’ve always dreamed of.