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Old Greek Limestone structure

Limestone Through the Years

Limestone is History

For millennia now, people have been in love with limestone. Beautiful and strong, limestone has never failed to make an impression on individuals, or on entire religions. Limestone is a naturally-occurring material that has a variety of building and agricultural uses. Limestone is also a cousin of the beautiful and sophisticated marble, which has been loved and adored for centuries and the perfect and perfectly beautiful flooring. Limestone appears in history in Europe and North Africa, making lives better.  

The Great Pyramids

The Great Pyramids at Giza, in Egypt, is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. Majestic stone rises high above a hilly sand horizon, and holds the some of the world’s oldest and most valuable treasures from a time long ago. The pyramids held the bodies of Egyptian royalty, the bodies of their pets, and the things that they would need as they entered the afterlife. There was plenty of room for everything, but access was restricted to the holy people of Ancient Egypt. These incredible buildings were made by importing huge blocks of limestone, placing it into place, and carefully carving the limestone into its ideal shape. After the carving was complete, the pyramids were finished off with a protective coat, and stood, proud and beautiful, for hundreds of years.  

The Coliseum

The Coliseum was a huge limestone arena known for being the showplace of prisoners of war in Ancient Rome, the Gladiators. In history, the story and names of gladiators have far exceeded The Coliseum in terms of popularity, but those gladiators are long gone, and The Coliseum still stands. Thousands of tourists come from all over the world to see the place where battles to the death were fought between warriors, and warriors and animals. The Coliseum is very much in ruins, but the lovely limestone is still strong enough to retain the important details.

Chichen Itza

At the height of the Mayan Empire in the Central Mexican Yucatan Peninsula, many impressive and incredibly beautiful buildings were raised to various gods and for various reasons. From worship to the sacrifice of enemies to trading with neighboring nations, the limestone temple at Chichen Itza stood the test of time, past the fall of the Mayan empire, past the growing number of French immigrating to the region, and the renewed interest in the ruins as a tourist destination in the mid-20th century. Considering the close proximity of the site at Chichen Itza to the sea, it is no surprise that limestone was chosen as the building material.

Your Patio

When you choose limestone for you home, you’re taking a piece of history home to be as beautiful tomorrow as it was thousands of years ago. With little maintenance and all of the glory of thousands of years of reliable use, limestone is the way to go for even the little things around your home. Calling your local limestone company today, and schedule a consultation to make your home a beautiful piece of history.