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Limestone Surfacing Trends To Watch

Follow The Right Limestone Trends

Every time last year rolls into a new year, homeowners start to look ahead and see what style and décor trends are on the horizon. If they are looking into home updates, they don’t want to make any mistakes that will throw their house into an ‘out of style’ category any time soon. The key is not only to find something in style this year, but also something that will be in style for many years into the future. When it comes to natural stone, like limestone, there’s more and more of it being used in design themes. Emphasizing nature and connecting to the natural elements in the world along with texture is a huge trend. Here are a few stylish limestone trends you will see in the market today that aren’t going to go off trend any time soon.

Bathroom Statement Walls

Bathrooms are functional spaces, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be beautiful as well. When you add a limestone statement wall to the bathroom, it gives the space its own sense of drama. Whether you have a small powder room on the main floor or a larger master suite upstairs, placing the natural stone on one wall will add texture and a sense of nature to the room.

Limestone In The Bedroom

When you think of using limestone to decorate, the bathroom and kitchen probably come to mind first. However, the bedroom is also an interesting place to use the natural stone. You can do an accent wall here as well to create a relaxing ambiance after a busy day. You can also place limestone on the floor to work in into the room in a more muted, yet still beautiful way.

The Contrasting Mixture Of Colors

While limestone most naturally comes in lighter colors, there are classic and modern options that have a black and white mixture. The panda white limestone material, for example, has black and white paired together to add depth to any room you place it in. If you have an all-white kitchen, adding limestone with darker colors mixed in to the countertops can be striking. For darker rooms, lighten things up with the lighter natural colors in the stones for the same effect.

Use Limestone As Art

Limestone blends in well on walls and floors, but it can also be used as a centerpiece and as more of a work of art. Natural stone is being used as an artistic statement in many homes through fireplaces and fountains. These features can be plain or carved and ornate, depending on your style, but both ways can be artistic and stand out in a room.

Looking For Limestone To Make A Statement

If you’re ready to bring limestone into your home in a unique way, contact the professionals at Impression for help and details on your project. Look at your home with care and decide where limestone would fit in best and make the statement about your style that you most want to make.

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