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Is Limestone Good For Patios?

Is Limestone Good For Patios?

Patios give us an opportunity to extend our living space into the great outdoors. You can relax, socialize, or dine under the sun or stars. It can be your own little oasis. Designing a patio can be an exciting and somewhat confusing process. With so many materials and colors to choose from, how do you know if you’re picking the right one? Maybe you’re attracted to the natural aesthetic of limestone but have questions about its practicality. Limestone is beautiful but is it durable enough for an outdoor living space? 

What is Limestone?

Before making a decision about a limestone patio, it’s important to understand what it is. Limestone is a sedimentary rock containing mainly calcium carbonate, as well as other minerals, fossils, and stones. It’s typically neutral in color although you can find it in greens, reds, or blues depending on the presence of other minerals. Limestone is strong, dense, and multi-functional, widely used in architecture, glass manufacturing, and agricultural industries.

Benefits of a Limestone Patio

Limestone comes with its own unique set of advantages. Since limestone originates in nature, it will feel right at home in your outdoor space. This dense stone is impervious to the elements and won’t easily crumble under the harsh conditions of weather and extreme temperatures. Limestone’s strength and durability may come as a surprise due to its soft, elegant appearance. The fine, granular texture creates a smooth, inviting look — the perfect aesthetic for a relaxing outdoor retreat! As an added benefit, limestone patios can be customized to your exact specifications. 

Limestone Patio Maintenance and Care

Like other natural stones, limestone is porous and susceptible to stains if left untreated. To protect your limestone patio and increase its water-resistance, regularly reapply a natural stone sealant. This is especially important for poolside patios that come in contact with chemically treated water. To clean your limestone patio, sweep with a soft broom and wash away debris with a hose nozzle or pressure washer (on the lowest setting). Avoid using household cleaners, abrasives, or acids to deep clean your limestone patio. Instead, opt for a safe pH neutral stone cleaner.

Choose Impression For Your Limestone Patio Project

At Impression, we can turn your patio vision into reality. Our artisans custom-craft each limestone patio floor using expert techniques and state-of-the-art machinery. With our high-end limestone and quality craftsmanship, your outdoor sanctuary should last a lifetime. Give us a call and get started on your limestone patio project today.