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Limestone Flooring Trends

Finding the Right Limestone Flooring

There are always trends to go along with anything, right? You have to get with the picture when it comes to your clothing, your home decorations, and even your flooring. If you like the look and feel of limestone flooring, you’ll want to know the trends in that area as well. Limestone is a timeless, classic material and not every trend is around to stay. But if you choose limestone, you can get a long-lasting appeal that will go along with any trend. Here are a few popular ways to use limestone flooring to its fullest.

Go With a Grayer Tone

Limestone flooring can come in a variety of colors, all of which are neutral. Gray is the new white so when you find limestone tiles that have a gray tint to them, they can do your home a good service. Grayer limestone times are easy to clean because they just don’t show dirt. They also wear really well, and they go with any other color you put in your home.

Luxury Is Always a Hit

When in doubt, go with something luxurious and elegant and you can’t go wrong. You don’t want to mix and match styles in your home too much, but getting upscale limestone that will upgrade your home’s appearance is something that can’t hurt your home’s value. Luxury is something potential buyers see and appreciate—and want to have.

Limestone Is Timeless

One of the things to remember about limestone is that not only is it durable, but it’s also a timeless material that doesn’t go out of style. Just by getting limestone, you are going along with the trends. And these trends aren’t ones that come and go. Rather, they are here to stay. Limestone is classic and whatever color and style you get, it won’t likely be something you will regret due to changing trends later.

Reclaim Old Floors

It’s easy enough to take up carpeting in one room and lay down new carpet. The big trend in limestone flooring is to take over old flooring with limestone. While it may not sound as comfortable as carpet, limestone has a soft feel under the feet that is much warmer than other natural stones. It is also a way to reclaim an old floor and make your home look brand new and fresh in a whole new way. Using limestone as a decoration in the home is a great way to make the most of your redecorating.

Get the Right Limestone Flooring

When you are looking into limestone flooring, you want the best options for your home. You can find limestone at a variety of outlets, but you are better off working with experts who know just how to use the natural stone in the right locations. Contact the professionals at Impression for their advice and to have a look at the various limestone options. You can replace your flooring with limestone or you can place it around the fireplace, on the walls, in columns on the front porch, and in a variety of other locations.

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