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Does Your Limestone Flooring Need Maintenance?

Signs Your Limestone Flooring Needs Attention

Limestone is a highly durable material and works well in high traffic areas. However, no material takes no maintenance and even limestone flooring isn’t indestructible. Over time, the flooring could chip, stain, crack, or become worn. Maintaining limestone flooring will help prolong its life and help it look nice in the meantime. Here are a few signs that will show you that your limestone flooring needs some maintenance.

Sign 1: Obvious Physical Flaws

If someone drops something on your limestone flooring or there are broken or chipped pieces, it can be a tripping hazard or, at the very least, an aesthetic issue. You will want to take a look at the limestone flooring and have repairs done in order to maintain that specific area.

Sign 2: Worn Areas

Limestone holds up well to heavy traffic, but if you start to see the wearing patterns in the flooring, it’s time for maintenance. You may be able to restore the flooring to its former beauty by resealing it and protecting it against the elements. You might have to replace certain tiles to help it look good again. Either way, worn areas mean maintenance is necessary.

Sign 3: Close Inspections

Place limestone flooring inspections on your calendar and take a close look at your flooring every so often. You will get to know what it looks like on a normal basis, so you know what happens when it starts to change. This will help you look ahead and see maintenance needs coming before they sneak up on you.

Sign 4: Time Since Last Cleaning or Maintenance

One way to keep limestone floors in the best condition is to just schedule yourself maintenance times at certain intervals. Keep them clean on a weekly basis and deep clean them every month. Reseal them every year or two and make sure these things are done regularly so you don’t leave any opportunity of your floors being damaged.

Sign 5: Expert Advice

If you have an expert over to take a look at your limestone flooring and they say it needs some maintenance or repairs, that’s a pretty big sign that you’re in for some work. Experienced individuals know what to look for in limestone and they know when it’s at its best and when it is lacking and needs some upgrades. Address what they recommend, and your limestone flooring will stay in good shape much longer.

Getting Limestone Flooring Maintenance

If you aren’t sure where to turn for limestone flooring maintenance, you can always ask the professionals at Impression. Limestone flooring is beautiful and elegant, but nothing lasts forever without proper maintenance. It will certainly last much longer if you are able to maintain it well and keep things looking like new for many years to come. Limestone has been around for decades and it’s a flooring you can expect to serve you well for many years into the future—as long as you pay attention to maintenance and do what is necessary along the way.