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Limestone Flooring 101

Why Choose Limestone Flooring?

When you’re looking into getting new flooring for your home, it is wise to consider many options. Today, we are going to talk about limestone and the many benefits it offers for your home’s flooring.

Top Benefits of Limestone Flooring

Limestone flooring is a fantastic choice, as it has many positive qualities that homeowners admire from the variety of colors, styles, shape, size, durability, and much more. Take a look below to see a few more qualities of limestone in more detail.

1. Easy Maintenance

Limestone flooring is great for kitchen, bathroom, or living room flooring. It is easy to maintain and clean up spills. You will only need to clean it every once in awhile with a simple limestone solution to pick up the dust. Limestone is resistant to mold and bacteria so it also a great choice for outdoor flooring for your patio or veranda.

2. Old World Beauty And Cultural Appeal

The type of material you use for your home’s flooring will set it apart. If you want to give your house an Old World charm and European style, limestone flooring is the perfect choice. It brings an authentic cultural appeal and gives your home the ambiance you want.

3. Durable Natural Stone

Limestone has been used for centuries as dependable natural stone building material. Whether you want to use it for flooring, walls, columns, or many other designs, it is a natural stone that can be counted on to last. Because it is known to be durable, it is a popular choice for many custom home features.

4. Hygienic

Limestone flooring is not only easy to clean, but it also doesn’t collect allergens, bacteria or other grime. Cleaning your floors is important to get rid of any dirt that may be tracked in or dust that builds up. Yet, you won’t have to worry about bacteria growing on it since it is water resistant, which makes it a wonderful choice for bathrooms, outdoor patios, pool coping, or otherwise.

Tips For Caring For Your Limestone Flooring

While limestone is very durable and can last for generations, it may still become dirty with dust and grime over time. Because you want to make sure that your flooring remains just as beautiful as when it was first installed, there are a few simple steps to help keep it clean. Use a simple limestone cleaning solution to mop the floors with a soft cloth or rag every once in awhile, whenever you think it needs it. Here are a few more helpful suggestions to care for your limestone flooring:

  • Make sure to clean up spills immediately
  • Make sure to get a limestone specified cleaner
  • Use mats or floor protectors under large object such as tables and cabinets to prevent scratches
  • Mop and dust regularly
  • Use a tray or mat for any products or hot dishes placed on the limestone tiles
  • Don’t use bleach, all-purpose cleaners or vinegar bleach
  • Don’t use abrasive cleaners or a mop/sponge with a scratchy surface

We hope that these tips will come in handy when you are ready to care for your limestone. If you’re interested in limestone flooring or other custom features, we would be more than happy to help you find the perfect match.