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Where Do Limestone Countertops Come From?

The Background Behind Limestone Countertops

If you are about to install (or already have) limestone countertops, you might be wondering where they came from in the first place. It is interesting to take a look at the background behind various materials and where they originated. Here are some facts behind your limestone countertops, according to how things happen at Impression.

Review The Inventory

From time to time, the experts at Impression will look through the showrooms and warehouses in order to see what is missing from the stock. They look at the current trends in the market and what has been selling well. That helps them to identify what they need from their sellers.

Order From Vendors

Some companies just place an order, but Impression meets with vendors after identifying the needs and looks at photos in person or electronically to see the variety of options. The order is then placed for the best possible materials at a good market price.

Limestone Inspection

Impression also employs an individual who can go to the quarry and inspect the stones in person. That will confirm that customers get the quality material that Impression is known for providing. With trustworthy systems in place, anyone working with this limestone gets nothing but the best.

Ship The Stone

Once the purchase is complete, the stone slabs that Impression has bought are shipped to the warehouse. That process can take up to a month, depending on where the stones originated and how fast the transit period is.

Stone’s Arrival

Once the stone arrives, the limestone is once again reviewed before it is picked up and delivered to the warehouse. Every slab is handled with care to avoid any type of damage in the meantime.

Ready For You

Then, the stones go through a final quality control review before they are photographed and loaded into the inventory software on the website. Customers can then review each slab and buy just the right limestone piece for their flooring, countertop, or any other part of their home.

How Do You Choose The Right Slab?

With so many options, all of which you know have gone through quite a quality-control process before they reach you, how can you decide which one is right? Here are some pointers to help you decide what you need for that space. Look at the coloring, of course, in order to get the right style for your kitchen, living room, outdoor living space, or other areas. You will also want to keep the graining in mind. Some people love the beautiful grains and want more of it. Others enjoy grains but appreciate a lighter tone in that area. Limestone can have either and the right slab is available for you. If you want your countertop to be one slab, you’ll need to purchase the right limestone piece to cover the space you have available. Use these considerations when you are looking at individual pieces and make the choice with care to ensure your overall happiness with the project.