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What Your Limestone Company Wants You To Know

Limestone Company Knowledge

When you’re working with a limestone company on any number of projects within your home, you understand that you are working with professionals who know a lot about limestone. You can ask them any questions you want about the material. But sometimes it’s nice to know a bit about the material and its benefits before you start on a project. Read through this information and understand a few things that the limestone company wants you to know about limestone.

What Is Limestone?

Of course, you already know that limestone is beautiful, but what is it, really? Limestone is a sedimentary rock that is made up largely of calcium carbonate. Millions of years ago, marine life accumulated on the ocean floor and formed limestone. It is a common rock in the Mediterranean bases and was often used to construct cathedrals, churches, and other buildings. The fact that many of these sturdy buildings are still standing, testifies to its strength and beauty as well.

Benefits Of Limestone

Any limestone company will be able to tell you there are a number of benefits to the limestone materials themselves. As you’ve probably noticed, limestone is beautiful and comes in attractive, neutral colors and tones that work well in modern and traditional styles. It is also less porous than other stones and is more affordable, which makes it a great upgrade to any home. It can help with temperature and humidity control and is sophisticated in any room.

Mindful Items Regarding Limestone

When you are considering limestone, the limestone company may tell you a number of things about the material. If you are worried about using it for flooring, for example, remember that the light-colored features show fewer scratches and texture damage while darker limestone will hide stains. And most limestone has a high absorption rate and a low abrasion resistance rating. Keep these things in mind as you place the limestone in your home.

Limestone Misconceptions

There are also many things that people believe to be true about limestone, but the limestone company will tell you what is actually the truth. Limestone is a natural product and many people believe it is a soft stone. It has a large range, however, that goes from very hard to semi-soft. You will want to choose its toughness based on the final design you have in mind as well as for aesthetics. The right cleaners can help seal the limestone and keep it in good condition for a long period of time.

Ask Impression For Details

This is just the beginning of the information a limestone company like Impression will have on limestone. Give us a call If you have other questions about the material, or if you would like to get started on a project involving limestone.  We’d love to install custom home features to make your home stand out in an elegant, beautiful manner. Limestone is a great material that can be used in a variety of locations. Let’s get started on your project today.