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Basic Marble Lessons 101

Know Marble Before Installation

If you are thinking of installing marble flooring, countertops, or something else that is rather large in your home, it’s good to know more about the material up front so you understand how to care for it and what it takes to maintain it in the long run. Marble is the oldest flooring material and it has become highly popular in other areas of the home as well. This is due to its lasting beauty and durability. When you think about marble, you may get a certain picture in your mind, but there are actually many different types and styles to consider.

Popular Types Of Marble

While there are dozens of distinctive types of marble, no two pieces are identical. Whatever you choose will be unique to your home, no matter what. But there are a few marble features that are more popular than the others.


This warm, dark marble has large swirls and grain patterns that appear like tiny bubbles inside the rock. The marble comes in tones of tan, gold, and red.


This marble is what you will see in the ancient Greek and Roman ruins and contains white colors with streaks of gray. You’ll see this marble in flooring and fireplace surrounds a lot today.


You have an even purer white finish to this marble than in Carrara with bold streaks. The rarity of this type makes it more luxurious in appearance as it is used in exclusive locations, homes, and businesses.

Marble Finishes And Polishing

There’s nothing more beautiful than a piece of marble, polished to shine under any light. Certain marble finishes can give you different appearances in the finished product within your home. There are two basic finishes to consider.


Polished gives the marble a shiny finish that accentuates the beauty of the color in the rock and the overall grain. However, if you have polished marble floors, they can become slippery. They look great on countertops but aren’t always the right option for flooring.


Honed marble is polished to a degree but has a slightly rough texture to reduce slips when used as flooring. It also looks great on countertops and in other areas if you don’t want a shiny, slick looking finish that polished marble gives.

Choosing Marble Options And Finishes

It can quickly get overwhelming to choose marble for your home when you see just how many options there are. Look through the colors first and see what would fit into your home décor and style. Then, you can dive into the details such as grain patterns, finishes, and more. You will also want to learn how to maintain and clean the marble once it is in place, so you can keep it looking as great in the future as it does on installation day. When you have professionals on your side, like those from Impression, you can ask all of your questions and leave the situation with peace of mind that you are making the right choices and have all the information you need to move forward with the project.