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Kitchen Trends to Look Forward to This Year

Kitchens in 2020

We’re only ten days into 2020, but emerging kitchen trends are apparent already. Some are carried over from last year, some have been upgraded, and some are entirely new! Check out all this year will have to offer in kitchen trends below.


When it comes to statement pieces, we thought we’d seen it all: art, furniture, even whole statement walls. While kitchens are typically uniform, accents are taking them by storm in 2020. If you’re redoing your kitchen and on the hunt for new appliances, consider a colorful stove or a pastel fridge. Alternately, you can opt for painting your cabinets, ceiling fan, or kitchen hood a statement color. We’re obsessed with pastel yellow, aqua, and red!

Varied Tiles

When retiling your kitchen backsplash, take a moment to make it more personal. Pick eccentric tiles to intersperse throughout more simpler ones. If you’re inclined, you can even have your children, family members, or friends decorate custom tiles. Adding mismatched, colorful, statement, or custom tiles can make your home truly unique and one-of-a-kind!

Ceiling Decor

Decorating your ceiling has taken quite the turn! No longer are hanging pendant lights or vine-like plants enough. This year, the ceiling is being referred to as the “fifth wall.” Trending ideas include adding color, wallpaper, or wood paneling above your kitchen. If you’re interested but hesitant, try painting your ceiling a more neutral or muted color, including grey, black, tan or sage.

Unmatched Metals

Not matching is the new matching when it comes to metallic colors. Gold, silver, bronze, nickel, brass and everything in between are a green light this year. Because metallics have the same basic composition, being reflective and shiny, they already match one another. The best part about this trend is how much it opens up interior decorating options – you’re no longer limited based on color scheme! 

Open Shelving

We saw a sneak peek of these trends in 2019, but now it’s all out in the open! Open shelving allows you to put all of your beautiful kitchenware on display. Don’t let this intimidate you; even simple wooden or white bowls add an elegant yet homey touch to your kitchen. Plus, you know exactly where everything is and it’s all within an arm’s reach!

Texture Over Color

In 2019, we watched as rustic farmhouse, modern and sleek, and boho reigned every design style. Because of this, we watched an affinity for color fade, and the general trend is to keep minimalistic colors – tans, whites, grays, and black. Now, the necessity for depth is being filled with texture. Woven baskets, metal containers, leather accents, and more are all in this year.

No More Gray

When thinking of the most neutral, go-to colors, interior design leans towards gray and beige. These two colors are becoming less timeless and more tired, colloquially referred to as “greige.” Instead, 2020 is opting for a more colorful yet less saturated version of typical gray paint. Common variations include purple-grays, green-grays, and blue-grays, all meant to bring a duller gray to life. These undertones allow for subtle matching, where accent colors bring out the undertones of the paint.

Eyes Up!

Tying all of these concepts together is the decorative trend of adding flair to every aspect, floor to ceiling. 2020 is insinuating there’s no such thing as too much character. Patterned tiles, statement furniture, wall decor, and eccentric ceiling fixtures can all be combined; in fact, it’s encouraged.

Impression Is in Style

With the coming of a new decade, we’re sure to see more and more crazy, stunning, eccentric design trends. All we can say is experiment and find the style that fits you, and if you need help remodeling your home with custom features, Impression is here!
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