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Kitchen Hood Types and Trends to Amplify Your Home

Kitchen Hoods: The Center of the Kitchen

Kitchen hoods are to kitchens what fireplaces are to the living room. A natural focal point, these pieces should be chosen and designed accordingly. Kitchen hoods come in a multitude of styles, and Impression is excited to share some of our favorite, recent trends with you.


Some kitchen hoods come in either fully- or partially- tiled versions. Tiled kitchen hoods offer a seamless blend into tiled backsplashes. They look especially clean, with perfectly parallel lines and sleek colors. If committing to a singular tile feels like too much for your home, consider doing just a tiled trim. This allows for more creative freedom with the range, but still ties back in to backsplash, floor, or countertop tiles.


Painted kitchen hoods have always offered a simple and classic vibe. Many find that panelling their kitchen hood to match cabinets keeps cohesivity across the top of the room. If you’re looking to take this style and bring it up a notch, try painting the kitchen hood something that differs from the cabinets yet still pulls in other colors in the room. 

Stainless Steel

For more modern homes, stainless steel kitchen hoods are an obvious choice. They’re sleek, shiny, and tie in to other steel appliances in the room. Many newer models are flat-front, meaning that their shape isn’t sloped to cover all of the stone range. These frames keep the kitchen hood perpendicularly in line with cabinetry for a clean finish.


Wooden kitchen hoods are a stunning addition to any rustic-themed home. They come in every wood shade, from dark walnuts to light oaks. These wooden-plated fronts are gorgeous, outdoorsy, and cozy. If you’re not looking to commit fully to wooden hoods, or only looking to add an accent, consider doing a kitchen hood with wooden trim. This allows for tie-ins to the rest of the wooden kitchen features.

Gold Rims

Similar to wooden trim, golden rims offer simple, minimalistic elegance. Gold trim goes beautifully alongside other gold appliances, like lighting fixtures. Together, gold features draw the eye upwards and open up the room. It looks especially stunning against marble or even black, both of which accentuate the natural style of gold.


Impression prefers stone kitchen hoods for so many reasons. Marble kitchen hoods are not only fireproof, but encompass power, ensuring that the kitchen has an impressive design. Our artisans have been trained in traditional French carving, so your unique piece is not only hand-crafted but beautiful.


Limestone kitchen stone encapsulates the charm and appeal of European chateaus and French farmhouses. Using our French hand-carving techniques, every custom limestone style is absolutely stunning. They can embody whatever aesthetic a room already has, from grand and simple to delicate and intricate. Most notably in neutral-tone kitchens, limestone offers a look that is calming and inviting.

Time to Choose Your Dream Hood

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and a kitchen hood can drastically change the space’s overall feel. No matter how you’re looking to improve your kitchen hood, Impression can help advise you on the perfect way to style tiles, terracotta, and stone in your home.

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