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Kitchen Flooring: What’s Best?

Classic Tile Kitchen Flooring Options

If you are ready to change the style and flooring in your kitchen, tile is a natural choice. Tile is hard, water-resistant, durable, and long-lasting. The right tiles are also highly beautiful and your kitchen will take flight to a whole new level when you choose the right option. Kitchen floor tiles come in three options, which are porcelain, ceramic, and stone. The prices range anywhere from $2-100 per square foot. When you contact a limestone company to help, you can rest assured that you will make the right decision for your kitchen. Before you start the process, here are some details to help you make the right choice.

Porcelain Floor Tiles

These tiles have a mixture of sand and clay that are pressured under heat to give you a tile that is harder and less porous than ceramic. This type of flooring works well in the kitchen because it holds up under high traffic. It’s tough and has a glaze that is fired to give it a nice glass-like coating. Unglazed porcelain won’t show any scratches, which is a good benefit in any kitchen. Porcelain is hard to install without special tools so it is not very DIY friendly.

Ceramic Tile Floors

Ceramic tiles are softer than porcelain and glazed to create a hard wear surface in any color you want. It is easier to cut and install because it is softer, but it is also more porous so it can stain easier. Glazing cuts back on that and creates a surface that won’t allow spills through the tile.

Stone Tile Floors

When you contact a limestone company, you will learn a lot about different types of stone floor tiles such as limestone and marble. Most natural stone tiles are porous, but with the proper finish and sealant, they can avoid stains as well. Stone can either be polished or honed and while polish gives you the full sheen, it can make the floor slippery when wet. Honed gives you traction, but does not have a glossy look. Many homeowners simply place rugs in certain areas to avoid wetness. Stone tile floors, when professionally installed, will last a lifetime and look just as good years from now as they do upon installation.

Tile Drawbacks

With any flooring style and type, there are going to be negative sides. Tile is a hard surface. If you drop a glass, it’s probably not going to survive the fall. Tile also takes maintenance over the years with resealing and possibly new grout. It can also be slippery when it gets wet. But on the other hand, tile gives you a versatile, functional, beautiful flooring that can last for many years.

Finding The Right Tiles

If you are interested in natural stone tiles like limestone or marble, the limestone company Impression is here to ensure that you get the right design and only the best installation for your project. Our installers are masters with these natural stones and they will place each tile to perfection. We would love to answer your questions about marble and limestone and help you make the right choice between the natural stones.