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Why Is Italian Marble Flooring The Best?

Investigating Italian Marble Flooring

There are variances in any product and marble is no different. If you are looking into marble flooring, perhaps you want the best of the best. In that case, you might want to consider Italian marble flooring. It was good enough for Michelangelo’s statue entitled “David,” which is a testament to just how long marble can last. Why is Italian marble the marble of choice?

World Famous Marble

Marble from Italy is the most famous in the world, specifically when it comes from the Carrara region. Artists like Donatello and Michelangelo used Statuario and Calacatta marble to create treasured art that is still standing today. Italian marble is in high demand for many reasons today. It’s durable, brings a luxurious reputation with it, and is highly beautiful. If you want marble that is unmatched in every area, Italian marble might be the way to go.

Superior Levels

Italian marble is often considered superior on a number of levels. It’s pure and durable and gives you a beautiful white color that other marbles don’t possess. Many buildings, sculptures, and other things are made from Carrara marble and they still exist today, which shows you just how long the material can last. Part of the purity and durability of Italian marble comes from the way it forms. Marble, in its basic forms, is pretty much crystalized limestone. When limestone comes into contact with high temperatures and pressures, large crystals come together and bind to create marble. The heat destroys the impurities the stone once held and there are then large sections of white marble with colored veins running through. The color and the overall boldness of the veins varies naturally based on the amount and type of minerals the limestone held. Every slab of marble is completely unique.

The Rich Heritage

Another reason Italian marble flooring is so desirable is simple because of the rich stone heritage of this part of the world. Italy was the first country to streamline quarrying methods that are still used today. They set high quality control standards and did everything with precision. They are still believed to be the most skilled carvers and cutters in the stone industry today. Carrara marble comes from one quarry in the world, which is located in Tuscany. Because it only comes from one location and is highly popular, the demand is huge. That means the price on this type of marble is higher than others on the market. Since it is a rare marble, some outlets try to duplicate it, so be aware of that pitfall as you shop.

Cutting Corners

If you want pure, real Italian marble flooring, you have to choose with care. Some slabs will be quarried in China or Vietnam, but shipped to Italy for cutting, therefore tagged as Italian. Working with a reputable marble company is in your best interest if you want true Italian marble flooring in your home. Contact Impression to get nothing but the best for your marble flooring project.

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