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Investing In Unique Marble Home Features

Now more than ever, homebuyers want to see premium-quality work throughout any property they invest in. Having a home that stands out (in a good way) makes it easier for realtors to market your home. One of the staples of Los Angeles culture is being different, so any home that follows this trend will be more likely to attract potential buyers once you decide to sell it.

Incorporating Marble Into Your Home’s Design

Even if you don’t have an intention of selling your home for a long time, you still deserve to be surrounded by a number of beautiful features that add a sense of style and sophistication to your home. If you’re looking for new ways to bring that unique look into your home’s design, you should strongly consider using marble.

Why Choose Marble In The First Place?

For thousands of years, architects and artists have used marble as the main building material in buildings, structures, and sculptures. Some of those designs are still standing today, bridging the past and the present together. This shows how durable of a material marble is, especially in a variety of weather conditions. When installed as part of a home’s interior, you can rest assured that a marble custom home feature it will rarely, if ever, show signs of wear and tear.

Also, marble is a fine stone that’s surprisingly workable, meaning it can be used in a variety of ways, some of which are laid out below. The flexibility offered to designers and craftsmen comes in handy when you’re trying to find creative ways to integrate marble into your home.

Kitchen and Living Room Features

In your home, the kitchen and living room both offer opportunities to use marble as a building material. A simple but stunning addition for your kitchen is a marble countertop that can either be part of an island, or surround your stoves and sink. Since it’s easy to clean, a countertop made of marble that’s in your kitchen can be used for meal prep, making it even more appealing to homeowners.

One of the focal points of your living room will typically be the fireplace. If you’re looking for a new way to highlight this area of the room, you can have a custom marble fireplace surround build around it. Hand carved and available in a variety of colors, this feature can be embedded with intricate designs to truly make it stand out.

Authentic European-Style Fountains

There are a number of marble quarries in Italy, which is why so many of the historic cities have beautifully hand crafted fountains still standing today. You can add this same unique flair to your landscape design by having a marble fountain installed.

Marble Will Add Value To Your Home

Whether you’re trying to enhance your home’s interior, or completely revamp the backyard’s landscape, marble should be the building material that serves as the foundation. Not only will it leave a lasting impression, you’ll also add long-term value to your home, enticing buyers for generation to come.

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