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Indoor Kitchen Remodel Ideas for 2021

Indoor Kitchen Remodel Ideas for 2021

New year, new home. If your house is desperate for a refresh, the best place to start is the kitchen. In modern architectural design, the kitchen is the heart of the home, the focal point. Because a kitchen remodel is quite the undertaking, it’s probably been years since you’ve thought about indoor kitchen design elements. Where do you even begin? What’s in-style these days? As a leading natural stone dealer and home feature designer, Impression can help. We recommend the following ideas for your 2021 indoor kitchen remodel:

Marble Everywhere

Though marble never really went out of style, it’s made a resurgence in kitchen design. With innovations in stone finishes and coatings, marble is more durable and water-resistant than ever before. It’s also naturally heat-resistant. Because of this, you can enjoy beautifully veined marble countertops, floors, or backsplashes. This year, interior designers are using marble in big and unexpected ways. To make an eye-catching statement, try a kitchen island made entirely of marble slabs. You can also use strips of marble to create trendy open shelving.

Integrated Range Hoods

In old-world European design, range hoods were a focal point of the kitchen. Kitchen hoods are becoming popular once again, inviting new opportunities to showcase style. This year, integrated range hoods are taking precedence. With an integrated range, the backsplash tiling continues around the hood, creating one cohesive design.

Terracotta Tiled Floors

Say goodbye to porcelain tiles and hello terracota. Another type of ceramic, terracotta comes from iron-rich clay that’s baked to form a deeply-colored, durable earthenware. Since terracotta has been around for thousands of years, it will give your kitchen floor a charming rustic look. It’s also connected to Tuscan, Spanish, and Mexican design, making it the perfect accompaniment to Mediterranean and Southwestern decor. Interior designers love terracotta for its rust-red hue, tonal variations, and earthy vibe.

Statement Sinks

In the early 2000s, sinks took a backseat in kitchen design. Metal and ceramic sinks typically hid within countertops. However, in recent years, kitchen sinks have stepped into the spotlight. Farmhouse or apron sinks make a beautiful statement, especially when sculpted from marble or other natural stones. 

Handmade Tiles

Factory-made tiles are losing their appeal. People are less interested in cookie-cutter uniformity and more keen on uniqueness and variation. For a one-of-a-kind, custom look, create a backsplash or floor pattern with handmade tiles. You can even request personalized tiles, tailor-made with monograms or distinct styles and shapes. 

Trust Impression with Your Indoor Kitchen Remodel

Impression has served the South Bay area for over a quarter of a century. We are experts in renovation planning and home remodeling. When you decide to renovate your indoor kitchen, you can trust our artisans to design and craft stunning natural stone features for your kitchen. From limestone range hoods, to reclaimed terracotta floors, to marble sinks, we can custom-craft the kitchen of your dreams. Contact us today and start planning your indoor kitchen renovation.