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Increasing A Home’s Personality With Limestone

Every Home Has A Personality

No one wants to move into a cookie cutter home that looks exactly like the house next door to it and the one next door to that. Even homes that look somewhat alike have their own personality. And it’s up to you as the homeowner to bring out those features by customizing things inside and out. If you’ve spent some time in your home and you know it’s personality pretty well, it might be time to bring that personality out with some limestone accents. Here are a few ideas to help you brainstorm.

Bring Warmth To The Home With Limestone Floors

No matter what part of the home you are considering, limestone floors can help. You could add warmth to the exterior of your home by adding natural limestone floors to that area. You could also put it in the bathroom, the kitchen, the entryway, or anywhere else. Putting limestone floors down will immediately lighten the space so you won’t feel like you need as much artificial lighting. The soft colors add elegance as well and reflect whatever colors you place around it. You can get limestone in soft cream colors or even browns and grays.

Add History With Natural Limestone

Limestone materials have been around for decades and when you add them to your home in certain ways, you can give your house a historic look and feel. Consider putting limestone walls around your garden, for example, or place an accent wall on the front of your house made from limestone tiles. You can also get creative with decorative accents in order to make the limestone stand out and bring the personality of your home alive.

Incorporate Elegance Into Any Space

Putting limestone in any room will help you increase the level of elegance that room holds. If you have a fireplace option, make it limestone surround and you will have automatic warmth and elegance in that room. You can also bring limestone into the kitchen through flooring or countertops to get that natural elegance along with a hint of personality.

Illuminate Your Home With Limestone

No matter where you want it and where you end up using is, limestone adds something to your home’s personality. If you want something natural and elegant, there’s nothing better than limestone, both inside and outside of your house. Whether you know just what you want or you are still trying to work out the details, contact Impression for help. It is our goal to set your home apart and bring out its personality with intricate, custom home features that utilize limestone. This beautiful, natural stone can be used just about anywhere and can really bring a lot to the home. With our 30 years of experience in traditional French, hand-carving techniques, we have the experience you need to create custom pieces that truly make your home unique to its personality. Consider limestone in a variety of areas and we’ll help you sculpt sophisticated pieces into elegant creations, unique to your home.