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Incorporating Marble Into the Home

Where to Use Marble Seamlessly

It’s easy enough to say that most people love marble. It’s smooth surface, unique gloss, and eye-catching streaks. The natural material can seamlessly fit into any home style, as long as it is used correctly. Marble can be elegant and fancy or traditional and refined. It has a grand effect in certain locations and a fresh look within modern designs. You may not know exactly where to place it to get the impact you want, but these examples can give you some ideas on where to start off.

Marble As Flooring

One of the most popular ways to incorporate marble into the home is in the flooring. It can make a bold statement, or it can blend in. Either way, it brings beauty into the home and is highly functional as well. Using marble in a smaller room, like the bathroom, can make it feel less overwhelming, but certain colors look glorious in other rooms as well, like the entryway or kitchen.

Marble on Accent Walls

If you want your marble to stand out and be a central focus of a room, it can act as an accent piece. You can place it on one wall of the room to bring some colors together and add elegance to the space. Some homeowners like to use colored marble as a backsplash in their kitchen to bring the material into the space in a small, but grand manner. You can also put it on an entire wall, like in the family room, to add design elements to that room.

Marble on the Fireplace

For a truly grand feel that warms up the room, even when it’s not in use, place marble on the fireplace. A marble fireplace has a warm look and feel, even between fires. And there are so many options you can make any design work. If you’re going for a minimalistic, modern look, get black or white marble tiles and line the fireplace. For a more ornate look, marble can be carved in any manner you want with as many decorations as you’d like.

Marble in Column Form

If you want a modern look in your home, that means clean lines in your marble. If you want something grander, consider adding columns to the house and create them out of marble. Place columns in the entryway, on the front porch, in doorways, or wherever else your home calls for something elegant and grand.

Finding Your Marble Fit

There are no right or wrong places to put marble items, just right and wrong places for your home and your preferences. The professionals at Impression can help you go over the types, styles, colors, and finishes of marble so you can figure out what works best for your home. Once you find a good fit and have the marble pieces installed, you won’t regret the impact they have on your house. It’s all about finding the right marble and putting it in the prime location to get the best fit for your home.

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